In my headphones

Music. Sometimes I forget that it exists. I know how it sounds. But that's the truth. Among TV shows, jobs and audiobooks, I forget to pick up Spotify and push play on an amazing playlist. It truly is wonderful though. Getting to sing along, feeling emotions spread in the body and feel a longing in arms and legs to just get up and dance. To dance like crazy, releasing love and power from within. Oh, how wonderful isn't that? As the music is filling my ears right now, I thought about sharing what I am listening to right now. My favourites at the moment. A few of them at least. I am very drawn to Swedish music for now, what do you think about it?



Vad hade man gjort utan musik? Musik är
Det har du verkligen rätt i. Musik är där i vått och torrt och kan ta en igenom precis vad som helst 😊
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