If you never treat something as a job it will never be one

I think many of you have heard the quote "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life". I have also been seeing a quote going around that says something like "If you never treat something like a job, it will never be one". Lately, these quotes have become louder and louder in my mind. I have been blogging on and of for 8 years. But due to self-hate and low self-esteem I have started over more times then I can count on my own two hands. My heart breaks a little bit after every time I have deleted everything to give myself a restart, but my thoughts and personal questions regarding that is for another post.

What is regarding this post though is that I have always wanted to be able to work with my blog as a platform. Not for money and fame but to be able to share and connect with people. To have a platform where I can be me, where I can be free and where I can send others that same feeling. A place filled with love, growth, harmony and freedom.

I have many times felt let down by the number that show up on the statistics page. Asked myself who I think I am and why anybody ever would find my blog interesting enough to stay. Truth to be told, why would anyone stay to read continuously if I don't put myself wholeheartedly in what I write and share? I have been feeling so out of place for such a long time now. I know I have said that a million times but that is the truth. I have not had the energy or even the slightest interest in sharing a decent blog post about something I care about. Well, these past weeks I have. But before that, it had just become a must. A must without a specific reason, love or interest can not really be anything else than bad. If I would just stop setting goals and unnecessary musts this blog could be filled with so much more great content.

Now when times are turning and it feels like we can see the light in the tunnel it feels like my motivation, inspiration and interest to blog is growing. Something I do want to do is to step up my game when it comes to blogging. Start treating as a second job and as my business. I just said that. My blog is and will be my second job, my business.



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