I feel like a witch

Good morning everyone! Oh my, what a night we had. I got one hour of sleep before Lexa woke up (again) and then it was time to get up and start the day. I am very glad that I have powers that can take me from extremely tired to almost perfectly functioning in just an hour. Now she is sound asleep and I hope for her sake that she will sleep for a couple of hours. I don't know what happened last night. I have a slight idea that the moon can be affecting her. Daniel always has a super hard time sleeping during a full moon but I for some reason can't sleep a few days after it. At that, I think Lexa and I are the same. Speaking of the moon, it shone so brightly yesterday! It was absolutely amazing. I tried to get a picture but the camera on my phone didn't feel like seeing what I saw.

Either way, this post is not about my sleep or the moon, even if I would love to talk about it some other day. As I have a witchy feeling gathering inside me when I have bundles of herbs hanging from the ceiling and flower petals and even more herbs drying elsewhere I felt a certain need to share my drying projects with you.

Rose petals

The smell that this jar contains is amazing. I love the smell of roses.

Red roses, as well as its dried petals, symbolizes passion and love.

"Ancient Greeks and Romans used rose petals to decorate their spa. They valued the roses very much and decorated the floors and the beds with them. Petals have many uses, they are ideal as a natural skin cleanser, they act as antioxidants that fight free radicals. They are also very effective in reducing oil overproduction in fatty skin types." - Simplybeyondherbs Check out her post for more amazing uses of rose petals!

Lemon Balm and Chocolate mint

I got inspired and took a small harvest from these two herbs. My intention is to dry them and then use for tea! I think that can be really yummy and perfect for the colder seasons coming our way.

Lemon balm has been grown and used for its calming and medicinal properties for a very long time. It is also called the Elixir of life, drinking a tea including that isn't something you'd say no to, would you?

Calendula Petals

I could never have guessed that I would love to gather and dry calendula petals as much as I do. Okay, I need to admit that I might have thougt that I would love it - and I do. I guess you all have heard about calendula cream? Everyone that has tried it has loved it! Sadly I am not one of them who has, yet.

During the medieval period calendula or marigolds, was considred the cure for almost everything. It was also said that if the marigold flower didn't open before 7pm there would be a thunderstorm. Hanging a wreath with marigold on your door would help keep evil and negativity away. I love old believes like this. It makes me happy.

Dried Parsley

Drying parsley? Why? Can't you freeze that? Yep, you can. And mostly I, and everyone else, do. But I wanted to try something new, are you familliar with the herb blend "persillade"? It contains of dried parsley and garlic and is super yummy! I already have two boxes with freezed parsley and our freezer can't handle more dried herbs. I need the space for food!

Sage and Basil

I have dried herbs just like sage in the oven before but it feels like such a waste of energy (and money) when I can dry it on a piece of paper like this. I also have a bundle of sage hang drying, that probably is ready to store in jars now. I saw that the basil had grown pretty big so I took the bigger leaves from both the green one an the purple one.

Tomato seeds

I finally decided what to do with the tomatoes, a recipe will be up tomorrow, and of course I needed to save the seeds from them. Why buy new when I can save the ones I already have? For your translation it says, from top to bottom: Red Cherry tomates, Yellow Pear shaped, Red big pear shaped. When you don't remember the names you can atleast remember the color and shape!

After last night it feels like I had a little angel on my shoulder a few days ago when I went out to harvest all of it. The first night frost with minus degrees came last night. I haven't been outside because of the raining but I am not entirely sure everything liked it.

I think that is all for this post. I hope you have liked it and if you know any use to these herbs please let me know so that we can learn from each other.




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