How to meditate?

Yes, how do you actually meditate? I remember asking that question when I was younger and the answer I got then was: "It's when you lay or sit completely still and just let your thoughts wander without beginning to think about anything". When I was ten, this sounded completely impossible. Thinking about not thinking about something. What do you think about, when you don't think about something? Black? But if you think about black, you think about something. I went to lay down in my bed trying not to think of anything at all. It took me about 30 seconds before I went up and found something else to do. Meditating was and impossible, but it did appeal to me. Fast forward about seven or eight years and meditating was a daily routine for me to feel good. The depression was more palpable than ever but when I laid down with a guided meditation or when I went out into the woods and sat in peace, my mind and heart began to heal fraction by fraction.

There are long articles and descriptive pictures on what you needed for a successful meditation but in my opinion, Fuck that, honestly. The only thing that you need is yourself. You and your presence. In today's society with a constant connection to social media and overall technology, as well as future stress, this presence can be extremely difficult to get in touch with, which is very unfortunate. Having a deep connection with our mind, heart and soul is the most important thing that we get to have. How else would we know our needs and understand our feelings?

I choose to part mediation into two halves, or two paths if you'd like. One of them we can call 'looking for answers' and the other half we can call 'grounding' meditations.

Looking for answers

This type meditation is used when you want to come in contact with yourself/an angel/a spirit or something like that and is looking for answers or help with a question, dilemma or other situation. There are a lot of really good meditations out there on for example youtube that you can listen to, giving you the option to choose the direction you want the meditation to have.

You can also do it all by yourself by sitting or laying down, grounding deep into the core of the earth (this is very important!) and taking a moment to open up all of your chakras and bringing them to a higher vibration, that will help you get in contact with the one you are looking for. Some people have a place in their mind where they like to go when they have these meetings, while others let the location come to them.

Remember to bring the energy back down after this type of meditation. It takes a lot of energy being completely open and vibrating so high! Also, remember to drink some water and eat a snack afterwards, you can get a bit hungry!

For beginners, it is often easier to use a guided meditation, and even then, it can be super hard to stay focused throughout the entire meditation. It took me a long time before I could complete a 20 minute guided meditation without drifting off and starting to think about something else. Unfortunately, it was a very long time ago since I focused on meditating and it will be a period of hard work before I get there again. So what I am trying to say to you is to not give up. It might feel impossible (and so boring) to sit through it when all you want to do is to get up and do things or just to give up because you keep zone out. But let that be a constant reminder of how stressed you are. You might not feel stressed because your heart isn't pounding in your chest, but let me tell you that you are to stressed in life if you can't sit down for 20 minutes and focus on your inner self.


This is what I would call the easiest way of meditation, and for many of us, the most important. It can take 5 minutes or one hour, it doesn't really matter as long as you do it. When I talk about grounding meditations I literally mean letting your mind, body and soul get a chance to reconnect with earth and itself. Put the phone down while you are waiting for your bus and focus on what's surrounding you.

Have any of you seen the chart with things to focus on when you are about to have a panic or anxiety attack?

Find 5 things you can see
Four things you can touch
Three things you can hear
Two things you can smell
and once thing you can taste

I think that all of you should save this list and go through it a couple of times a day. This gives your body a chance to awaken and sharpen your senses. Try to be more specific than tree, humans, buildings, cars, a dog. What type of tree is it? Is it big or small? Pine or leaf? Crooked or flawless? Is it in full bloom or is it getting to the end of its season? Let your body to really focus, even on the simple things. Everything has something to it, something to notice. By doing this, embracing and becoming aware of your surroundings, you focus on the here and now. At those minutes you are nowhere else but there you are with your own two feet.

It can also be as simple as sitting in the sun and feeling the sun warm your skin or walking in the rain feeling how the drops fall on your head and roll down your face.

If Lexa would ask me the same question I asked, my answer would be: It is when you enjoy being here and now. When you smell the air surrounding you, when you feel the dampness in the grass in the morning, when you really see the intensity of every colour that exists around you, when you feel and embrace the raindrops that fall onto your skin as well as receiving the energy an warmth the sunrays gives you. When no thoughts are worth wondering about and when the only thing that exists is you and what's surrounding you at that moment.



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