Growing old

I would like to bring up a subject today that always has fascinated me and that I always have disagreed with. The subject is about growing old. When I have talked about growing old and becoming elderly many people my age have said the same thing, they don't want to grow old. They want to die young. I have never understood this answer. How can someone not want to grow old and see everything they have done lay in front of them? Are they afraid that they won't have achieved anything? The answer I get when I ask them why is mainly I don't want to become old, wrinkly and grey. But that's the circle of life, I always think to myself.

Personally, I think that growing old is the most amazing thing. It is something that I dream about and it sometimes gives me the energy and push I need to do something I am afraid of doing. Can't you imagine seeing your children all grown up, seeing their kids run around on their small legs with their high laughs? I want to grow old. I want to be wrinkly and I want my hair to turn to a silvery grey. I also want to look back at my life with a smile and I want to feel proud. Happy and Proud that I dreamed, that I tried and that I either completely failed or concord it. I did it. Whether you win or lose isn't always the most important. We forget that too often. I want to become one of those wise elderly women that give advice even though it isn't straight-up advice. I want to grow old knowing that I have helped, that I have worked hard for something that I believe in and love and that I have touched somebody else's heart.

How do you feel about this subject?

Would you rather die young or grow old?

Please let me know in the comments below what you thing about this and where you stand!




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