Family Friday

Hello everyone!

Today has been so calm and relaxing, not in the kind of calm that mindfulness and yoga can give you but calm. I have been sitting at home watching videos on youtube and read more about Rachel Brathen's new book "To love and let go" which I am super interested in reading! I have never really followed YogaGirl, I have one of her books that I have barley opened, but sometimes I think people get into your life when it is the right time. Have any of you ordered the book?

We spent the evening at Daniel's parent's house. It was so amazing! Many hours spent with the whole family, so many smiles and laughs that were shared and I always get the feeling of being loved and cared for when I am there, nothing that I have ever gotten from my own family.

I really want to chug a big glass of water, brush my teeth and go to sleep. I am just longing for that moment in bed when I listen to a meditation and feel the love for my body spread. Self-care is the most important practice that we can perform.



Emma Engström
Emma Engström,
Så himla härligt det låter med yoga alltså, vill så gärna testa på det!! <
Det är så himla härligt när man kommer in i det! <3 Vilket ibland kan vara lite svårt... det gäller att inte ge upp 😊 Prova gärna och lycka till!
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