Declutter your social media

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would talk to you about social media and hopefully talk you into decluttering it. A few years ago I had an account on almost every big social media platform there is. Multiple accounts on , facebook, , twitter, , , and maybe a few more. Everything I did was jumping back and forth on the screen from one app to another. That was my life. Sitting in the sofa following what others did, never evolving myself. It gave me I think many of you can identify with, the stress of missing out. But missing out of what really?

I don't remember if I got tired of it all or if it was after one sailing where I hadn't had my phone for a few weeks that I realized that none of it gave me anything at all. At that moment I deleted all the apps that I didn't really care to use. For me, that was Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Tumblr. Leaving me with and .

Then I began looking through what and who I followed. Did the people I followed give me anything at all? Did I get inspired to evolve? To grow? Did I learn anything? If yes, I kept following. If no, I unfollowed. I have to be honest and say that I have followed down the rabbit hole to follow every account that others follow a few times - just to come back to the same conclusion. It does not give me, as a person, anything at all. Yesterday I went through my youtube subscriptions deleting the ones that do not make me grow as a person. I am also going through my Instagram followings. I think it is good to declutter once in a while.

1. Apps / Websites
Be hard on yourself, but not too hard. Which social media platform do you use on a daily basis and which ones do you go through just because you can? Then I want you to delete every account you have on the platforms that you don't really use. They are unnecessary and, sorry to say, a waste of your living time.

Step two will be to deep dive into your usage. How do you use it? Why do you use it? Does it give you anything and does it make you want to become a better person? It can feel strange thinking in these ways about something that is used by everyone to such an extent. But it is important. Let's say you use an app every day and has for a long time. How do you know if that's the one to delete or not? There are two ways to go here. The first is to look at what you do and what it gives you. Does it make you want to try something new, do you learn anything or do you in any way evolve as a human being? If no, delete - if yes, keep. The other way is to not use the site or app for a week. Do not enter or use it in any way for a week. This way you will know if you miss it or if you don't.

2. Who do you follow?
Only follow people you know/care about/look up to or accounts that GIVES you something. So, what do I really mean with accounts that give me something? Well, I want to make sure that I follow accounts that make me want to do something in real life or accounts about subjects I care about. For me, that is accounts about hiking (as it makes me inspired to go out and hike and spend time in nature), photography (as it makes me want to photograph more and also learn more about photographing and editing), gardening (as I love gardening and want to know more tips and tricks on what to grow and how to get a bigger and better harvest), books (as I want to read more and educate myself about everyday things), art/creativity (as I want to get better at creating things and evolving my artistic side) activism pages (about things my heart burns for as I give a damn about it and want to be able to help change the world into the better)

If you follow these steps you soon realize that social media is an "active" things in your life and no longer something you check on autopilot. You will be and become more inspired and motivated to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy, love and grow from. You will be able to create bonds to people who care about the same subjects and realize that social media can be a fantastic place to be on.



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