Beautiful Pie Crust

morning everyone! How are you feeling today?

With my fingers crossed I believe I can say that my body is getting better and better, I have a heck of a hard time eating and chocolate is still a pain in the ass (why couldn't chocolate be like the best medication instead?) but I am feeling a lot better overall, the fogginess in my head is gone, my stuffed nose is almost gone and I realized that drinking tea gives me the opportunity to take small bites of food. We don't have to mention the fact that I have gotten (and still get more) rashes all over my body, face and scalp.

As I have been scrolling endlessly around on Pinterest these few days I have seen a few incredibly beautiful pie crusts, and I felt that it is time for me to share my love for them with you.

When I bake pies I always do cobbler ones. It's what I have grown up with and they need no effort at all, you just throw the fruits or berries in a dish and put the cobbler dough on top and in the oven. It takes like 30min and everyone loves it.

These pies though, are beautiful! A real work of art. It must take so much time to create all of the pieces and put them together and make literally art. Imagine eating something so beautiful. I would love to be able to create something this beautiful someday. Tell me if that is something you would like to see me try!

Isn't it typical that you scan the internet for beautiful and yummy recipes when you can't eat a spoon of yoghurt without wanting to cry? Oh well, you gotta have some inspiration for when you feel well again!



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