Autumn Morning

I still have this anger inside of me. I feel disconnected to my soul and my body, it's like I'm floating around without knowing where to put my feet down. I want to FEEL earth again, be ONE with earth and all the elements. Something is blocking that and I need to figure out what, why and how to take it down. I am longing, aching to be in that state again where I am here and now and feel everything around me.

After leaving Lexa at kindergarten I felt the need to be next to the ocean so I turned left going down to the beach. I am so happy that I decided to bring my camera with me because I got some really pretty pictures. It is a wonderful morning with that autumn crisp in the air and the sun is shining. I love this time of year. When everything turns and prepares itself for winter, but also comes out to enjoy the last hours of warmth in the sun. I saw so many birds playing in the leaves, eating berries and I felt as I could stand there forever just watching them.

I love these three pictures so much! I love the light and how the drops of water adds a feeling to them!

Had a small ceremony as I gave this leaf to the ocean, giving back for taking a few smaller stones with me home

This picture has to be my absolutle favorite from today, It is one of the best autumnal pictures I have taken in a long time.

Nature truly is a medication in itself. So beautiful and vibrant. It has it all, isn't that amazing? Warm and Cold, Strong and Weak, Big and Small, Light and Dark. And so are we as well, every human and every living creature on this planet is a piece in this huge complex puzzle. Working in a balance that always floats. My mind blows every time I think about this. It's so crazy! Us being here, this planet existing. I mean, WOW! Think about it. Every small thing is created, by, by nothing, by evolution. Things have just popped up and happened to work and now the ears are placed where they are. Omg, breathtaking, mind-blowing. This Universe and life in itself are the most amazing things ever.

Let's bring up yesterday evening. One thing that I need to work on is to calm down, even when I am super happy and super excited about something. I always put really high expectations on me or on the outcome off something even if I am trying it out for the first time. Instead of seeing something as a lesson learnt, I see it as a faliure, which isn't correct. To learn, you have to fail. After cooking the Apple cider and enjoying the amazing smell I took a taste test. And it was so bitter. Instead of seeing it as a faliure though, I thought about what had happened and what I have learnt til next time. My conclusion was: I had to much spice in, I think decreasing the number of cinnamon sticks and cloves can make it less bitter. I will also cut away the orange peel as that also can be very bitter.

The sun is shining directly in my face right now, blinding my right eye, so I think I will get up and enjoy the sun for a while! I hope you like the pictures (maybe you have a favourite? ) and that you will enjoy this day as much as you can.



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