Attract Self-Care & Healthy Habits

Attract Self-Care & Healthy ways, Let go of bad choices and habits

Hello and Good morning everyone!

After a night without almost any sleep and being in a body that does not look or feel well taken care of, I began thinking. I often speak about how I used to live and what I used to do when I felt the best in my body and mind but maybe it's time to start living like that again. Isn't time to get back, no, sorry my mistake, move forward to that place again? I want to thank Yogagirl for being such an inspiration during this period in my life.

This is once again one of those times that I want to enlighten you about the fact that the right people come into your life for the right reason at the right time. Even if something feels unnatural for you if you are inspired by someone's words, actions and/or lifestyle, try it out!

Here are the things I want to work into my life today

🌈 Time for selfcare🌸
Taking time for Self-Care is super important any many times so forgotten. Climbing out of that daily wheel to do something that you genuinely enjoy and feel good about doing without stressing is the most important thing we can do for our mental health. Yet we often forget to look into ourselves and see our needs.

There are so many things you can do for self-care and it does not need to take much extra time or energy out of your life to include them to your routine or daily schedule. It can be anything from talking a short walk during lunch to shaving your legs and using a hair mask when showering. Search "Self-Care Ideas" on google and you will find pages up and down filled with things to do.

I am one of those people who does not give my body or soul enough love, or any love many days. In my daily schedule, there is nothing planned that gives me anything or that make me grow. Therefore my goal for the last weeks of this month will be to set off one hour every day for self-care. Whether that be being creative or doing yoga, going to the gym or look at nature. It does not matter as long as I do something for me.

🌈 Meditation🌸
This I have already gotten very good at but I definitely want to become better at it. I often find myself listening to a guided meditation or letting my mind wander freely before going to sleep. I think it makes for the perfect end to the day. There two things I want to work on here, one being the continuity. Breaking it into being a habit. The second thing is the way I meditate, how I work with meditations. I want to begin meditating in a way that helps me visualize my life and my goals and in that way attract it into my life.

🌈Eating healthy meals🌸
My diet lately has been SO bad for my body. The things I have been eating has not been close to the things I envision myself eating. My appetite has been really low and my meal schedule catastrophic. No good breakfast, fast food for lunch and 99% no dinner and no nothing in the evening. That won't make me happier and stronger!

My body craves a large number of fruits and veggies every day along with properly cooked meals. One thing I really need to do is a sugar detox. A big reason for not eating more home cocked and healthy meals is because it isn't sweet enough or "yummy enough".

When it comes to my physical body, I want it to be able to do so much more than it can today. I would love to be strong, fast and flexible. As well-rounded as I need to be, to be able to hike, do cool yoga positions and play around with Lexa. My goal until next month will be to include some kind of workout every day even if it is doing a few squats or calf raises when brushing my teeth. I might begin with a 30-day challenge just to get into the movements and getting used to workout.



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