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It has taken me a long time to realize that this is my home. Still to this day I have a hard time understanding that this IS my home and that I will stay here, and live here for so many more years to come. First, it took time to accept the fact that Daniel loves me and that he won't kick me out after a fight. After that, I have just felt like I need to move foreword. That something isn't right and that I need to go some other place to feel settled down. Fleeing is only easy until the day you understand that you can't run from it. You have to face it. It does not matter to how many houses I will move to, or how far away I will move from the people that hurt me the most, being my parents, because the damage is in my heart. You can never flee from you heartaches for too long before they mess up your everyday life. It is a reminder of hurt feelings and a body that urges to heal itself that grows stronger and stronger for every day. It will only ever begin to heal when you come to it with open arms being ready to once and for all work for a happier life.

With that said, I have thought about trying to this house a bit. We live pretty small and I would love to create this feeling of a warm, and living . Lots of inspired items and a crazy amount of plants is my dream.

Inspirational products from Åhlens

Åhlens is a shop I always like walking in to. Looking through their page, like I did today is not a bad thing either. I love searching for inspiration wheater it is from other peoples homes or in stores. That does not mean I have to buy everything new? No, finding what colours and materials to look for before going scavenger hunting on second-hand stores is so amazing. Often you can find old unique versions of the thing you want. Yes, sometimes it takes a longer time then just ordering online, but what is the fun in that?



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