A very short, short trip

Goodmorning everyone!

I hope you are having a great Saturday morning. Lexa woke up a few hours ago and I just put her back to sleep. We had such an amazing "we" time this morning. We begun cleaning around the house but I could not stay inside when the morning was so sunny and beautiful.

Yesterday I packed the car with everything I wanted for my short weekend camping trip. Daniel helped me take down the canoe and all the packing to the shore, and I began my all alone camping trip. One weekend for the soul, mind, and heart. One weekend in the calm wilderness close to the water, long days with lots of sunshine and yummy vegan food. I began my journey to a place that I and Daniel got to the first time we paddled. But unfortunately for me, it was already taken. So I changed the course a little bit to the right to a small island that we were at the last time we camped. But this time I found a place on the other side. I actually took a few minutes to decide where to put up my camp and I found the best place ever. A soft ground to sleep on, the sunset directly outside the tent, shadow all day except maybe the first hours of the day and an amazing soft flat rock by the water perfect for cooking, crafting and relaxation.

Unfortunately, because of other people, my trip also ended late last night. At around half-past ten I began to hear voices. There I was, in my tent listening to Harry Potter, and out of nowhere, two manly voices was really close to my tent. A little bit scared I sat up, got dressed and tried to, by sound, localize what they did and what they said. I heard them say: "Down there is the tent. I think this is a good place" and began to set up their tent. I sat there bewildered, wondering as to why they felt the need to camp so close to me. I began to feel very uncomfortable with the situation and asked if Daniel and his dad could come and pick me up. 20 minutes later we packed up my camp and went home.

I wanted to go for a trip all alone to overcome my fear of being alone in the forest and also to overcome my fright of darkness. None of which I had even thought about. But staying on an island with men I do not know, who have not asked if it were okay for them to camp so close to me when I know there are so many other places to camp, did not feel very good. Like my brother said, "Camping is something that should be fun, not scary and frightening".

When we had come home I heard a little something about us going out to a sandbank with the entire family today. Right now I will enjoy the morning sun and see what happens.



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