A protecting egg

A couple of years ago I went to several different spiritual courses and learned a lot about intuition, healing and a lot of other things. Something that I heard then was that you could protect yourself with a protective egg every morning. It may sound a bit strange but it is something that feels very good for both soul and heart. The idea is that you every morning imagine that you pull over a protective layer, a shell, with positivity and love around you that will help to repel negativity. This does not mean that negative things will not happen or that negative people won't be in your life, but it can help you get a distance from the situation and deal with it calmly rather than with heightened emotions. Negative people and situations will always be there, it is a part of life but if you can take a few minutes every morning to help you get a distance to it I think you should. The egg can take shape in different ways. Different colours, finishes, shapes and size. As long as it feels right and 'natural' for you, it is right and will work best for you. Remember that it can change from day .



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