A day filled with joy

Good evening everyone! I hope you are having a great time and that you have had a really good day! Don't forget that you are absolutely worthy of having a good evening even if your day was bad.

My day today has been so good, even the sun has been shining all day bringing up the heat in the air! I need to say that I think a little bit has to do with the chakra balancing sound meditation I found yesterday. It was absolutely amazing. My temper yesterday was in a really bad place, I emotionally lost it. I was so tired and felt a strong unease in my heart. When Daniel asked me what was wrong, I actually answered "my heart". After putting Lexa to sleep I was so angry, like I would have destroyed everything around me if I could. When I thought about calming down it was like a huge wall tried to fight me on the subject. I realized that I needed to do something about it. I don't like being angry. Who does? Anyways, I tried listening to a few healing sounds but nothing worked until I heard these. At once I felt so good. It was just the right sounds for me to listen to. I put myself down making it cosy and let my body and mind relax. A few times, it felt as I would begin to float away instead of falling asleep. Imagine that trip! I didn't complete every charka, I was way too tired and decided to leave the phone on the nightstand table before actually falling asleep. It's never good waking up in the middle of the night tangled up in headphones. If you are interested in trying it out I really think you should! In bed, on the acupressure mat (if you have one) or just outside. It is always good to balance everything up making sure your body, soul and mind are at the perfect level. Down here is the exact playlist I used yesterday, and I will use it again today. To be 100% honest with you, I have been longing to listen to this playlist all day. I think that says a lot!

Like I mentioned before, today has been a really good day. I have gotten a few things done without getting stressed out and anxious as I very often get. It's like I see everything I haven't done in detail, instead of enjoying and accepting the fact that I now am doing a few of those things.

I began the day with leaving Lexa at kindergarten not knowing what this day would bring, as I got to the car I saw a bush full of bright red rosehips and decided to pick some. I feel so happy over the amount I got, tomorrow I will try to cook soup of them. I hope it will turn out yummy! I know store-bought is kinda yummy so I am holding my thumb for good luck. As I stood there, fighting the thorns, I turned around and saw apples hanging from the tree next to me. I went around it and found a few pounds worth of wild-growing apples, and they all looked pretty okay! Often when you find apples growing wildly they are crooked and worm-eaten, but I got very lucky.

When I got home I began picking hops. Wow! I think I stood there for an hour constantly picking and it does not look like I have touched it. After 8L I was done, I can take more tomorrow and the weekend! My arms are red and from trying to untangle the tangliest plant in the world. At least Daniels dad will get very glad and I will be glad when the plant is gone for the season. I also harvested all of the potatoes making them ready for winter storage, put (almost) all the dried petals and herbs in small glass jars, made the basement ready for housing plants and brought the bell pepper-, aubergine- and chilli-plants inside, collected a few beans to dry up for next year out of a few ugly looking ones, the now dried tomato seeds in small bags, and went to the store to buy a few things for the apple cider that is simmering on the stove right now.

From left to right:
Sage, basil (both purple and green), chocolate mint, lemon balm, rose petals, calendula petals.

Finally, I try to make the famous apple cider. If you search "autumn bucket list" on google you see that on almost every list it says "Make apple cider". I have never tried it before but just from the amazing smell that is spreading in the entire kitchen, I am doing it again! Even if it tastes like crap, which I hope doesn't. I hope that it tastes just as good as it smells. I put in a few of the apples that I picked today. I cut out the core and the very few bad parts, saving the seeds for later. Of I need to try to grow my own apple tree from seeds. I then cut two oranges in quarters and put them in. Filled it up with water and added four cinnamon sticks and cloves. I let it simmer on the stove for a few hours until the apples were all soft and mushy. Later I will strain out the bigger parts and add some sweetening. I think I will use honey, or nothing at all if it isn't needed.

At the moment I am sitting on the sofa thinking about lighting a few candles and drinking our family made pear juice we made a few weeks ago. We had gathered at Daniels parent's house to get some fall garden cleaning done but it all turned out to be a pick-pears-and-make-juice day. Well, having three kids in between 3 months and 2.5 years old and trying to get a lot done isn't the easiest. Put it was a really fun day that I think all of us enjoyed very much!

Text says: Freashly pressed pearjuice from Roslagen

Tomorrow I will try to bake a Swedish chocolate sticky cake with squash as the base, I have heard it should be really yummy. I need to do something with my squash, I have realized that I don't know what to do with them. It might be a good thing, even if I am very sad about it, that almost everything froze and begun to mold during the freezing nights. I tried making squash chips but that did not go well, I don't know if I failed or if I just don't like it, either way, I am not eating it. I guess I will chop it up and parboil it before freezing it in. It is a great supplement to add in almost every dish for some vegetables but also to fill it up. But all of that is tomorrows problems, I will also ask Daniel very nicely if he can get Lexa to kindergarten tomorrow so that I can get to sleep in. That would be magical.



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