3rd of September

Good evening everyone!

I hope you all have had a really good day today. Mine has been really great even though I wanted to do more than I had the time to do today, but as we like to say "there is a new day tomorrow". I began the day but taking Lexa to kindergarten, I then got home and pretty quickly packed my bag and went out in the forest looking for mushrooms and berries. I had absolutely no luck with the mushrooms, I looked everywhere for hidden treasures but found nothing. I am wishing me better luck for the next time! What I did find though was a sweet spot for lingonberries, more than a litre in 20 minutes. I also found some really huge berries that you can see on my Instagram account linked at the top of this blog. After three hours Daniel got out and held me company for the last hour before it was time to go back and pick up Lexa for the day.

When we got home I did not feel like slowing down. I haven't had this type of energy for a long time so I must say it feels so great being able to just keep doing things that I love. As we didn't have any bread at home I thought it fit perfectly to bake some, especially since I bought a ready-to-bake bread mix for a Greek loaf when I was grocery shopping last. At the same time, I poured in all the lingonberries and blueberries I had collected into a saucepan with a few deciliters of water and boiled it together for a few minutes. Strained it, boiled it again with sugar and poured it in distilled glass bottles. 1.5L of concentrated juice and two big loaves of bread are today's creations. After that, we went to Daniels parents to watch "fångarna på " (a Swedish family show) on and ate pizza.

Now Lexa is sound asleep and I am enjouying a cup of warming tea. Daniel said something about watching a movie which I think sounds amazing. Tomorrow I would really like to harvest plums and rose hips, but what we do tomorrow, only tomorrow can tell.

Good night!



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