29th of September

Good morning lovelies! I hope you've had a really good night's sleep, I slept as a little baby and also got some extra hours in the morning as Lexa slept in longer than normally. Yesterday's spontaneous sauna bathing and showering session was much more needed than I originally thought it would be. The plan was to go shower because my hair was dirty AF and instead of doing like I usually do, don't giving a damn about it, I decided to care for myself and my body. I found a playlist that was so needed filled with great girl's night out music and I felt myself. It has been a long time ago since I can say that I have been feeling myself but I did yesterday! Dancing and singing like crazy in the shower, loving my naked body like I have never not loved it. Amazing! Everyone need to have moments like this, whether you live with a pussy or a dick. Giving love and letting go in our bodies is wonderful  and so important. I think the new moon gave me a new power, new perspective and a clearer mind. Of course the sun had to rise up from behind the tree line, blinding me just as I wrote that....

Lexa is sitting in her stool listening to children's music and is dancing along and I am chilling on the sofa. I am beginning to be ready for a morning walk but she did not get happy when I tried to pause, so I will give her some time for herself to wake up.

We don't really have a plan for today, we'll see what happens and what we're feeling for.



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