2 things that has made smile like crazy latley

Being a mom isn't always easy. It can be very time and energy-consuming. It's a lot of explaining to a child that's too young to talk too and well, a lot of strong will trying out what she can and cannot do. But there is also a hell of a lot of joy having kids. You get so incredibly proud of something that might seem like a small thing. And if you put away your phone and your computer for a few hours you will have so much fun and laugh like crazy. I thought I would share two things that lately has brought me so much joy.

1. Lexa's obsession with her shoes
Okay, I have gotten a daughter that LOVES shoes. I have to put her shoes up on a shelf because otherwise, she won't play with anything else but them. Yesterday she actually put the time and effort to put on her shoes herself, and she succeeded (with one foot) twice before I just put both of them on. It was such an adorable and cute view of giving her her evening bottle in a nappy and boots.

2. She has learnt to walk sideways
She is the most adorable thing when she just out of nowhere stands up and starts waddling to the sides. And she always makes sure that she looks at us so that we can see how proud she is.



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