Birthday girl

29th of July! Yeeey, birthday time! Yesterday morning, we went to the mushroom rocks on campus! We were suppose to take a shortcut, which turned out to be not that smooth because apparently people don't use that path through the woods anymore... But I really like the walk and it was so nice being in the nature. I really miss that from home and it also kind of reminded me of walking in the rainforest in the Caribbean, so I really enjoyed it. We also got to see some peacocks, but the highlight was of course the mushroom rock! It was a perfect start of my birthday! After that, we went to have breakfast in Hitech City and then some of us went to a market. It was actually the first real market I've been to so far. We got to pay a ticket of 40 rupees to the in to the area and when we were inside, we could just walk around in all of the shops. It was such a nice and calm area. The salesmen were of course a bit in your face, but not bad at all! I really liked that market and they had everything. Everything from jewelry, sandals, scarfs to souvenirs, henna tattoos and all kinds of stuff! I really liked it!

Then we got back to the hostel! We took a power nap (hehe), had dinner and after that it was time for a theatre (in Hindi!!!) and drinks afterwards. AND I ALSO GOT A CAKE!!! Bhargavi had bought this beautiful and so tasty birthday cake for me!! Omg, so so so nice of her! And it was so good! I definitely had a wonderful birthday with so many lovely people! Thank you guys so so so much! ♥♥♥

Today, we went to Golconda fort again! This time we went up the fort and got to see the view over the whole city! We climbed about 400 steps and the view at the top was amazing. We were suppose to go this morning though, but three cabs got stuck at the gate so they didn't get to go inside the campus area. We decided to go after lunch instead. It was such nice weather in the morning, but just before we were about to leave this afternoon it started raining... Such bad luck... It was fine getting up to the top but when we got there, the rain just lashed down. We were so wet when we got down again, haha. But I'm so glad that we did that trip because it was so much to see.

After the trip, a friend of Bhargavi's came to do some yoga with me and Sara! So nice of him! We had a short session and then I also got to try some acroyoga!! Omg, so much fun!!!

Tomorrow, we are going the the Forum mall to get some henna tattoos and then we're leaving at 2 pm from the hostel. I can't believe that it's almost been five weeks now. That is just crazy! It has been such an experience being here and to have gotten the chance to get to know the Indian culture! I really like it here, but I'm actually quite glad that we are going home now. I'm really looking forward to spend the whole August in Sweden before my studies and works starts. I actually need to study in August as well, for a course that I haven't taken because a shifted university... but that's fine, no pressure. But Sweden during the summer is amazing! I look forward to go to the high coast, eating Swedish food (and sushi!!!), exploring more of Umeå (it's actually our first summer in our apartment in Umeå, so exiting!), maybe going to the north of Sweden and so much more! This summer has been great so far and I'm really looking forward to the rest.

You will absolutely here from me when I get home! I have so much left to tell that I haven't had the time for... But it will be up on this blog, I promise! So our first flight back leaves tomorrow at 5 pm. I'll have an almost 30 hour long trip back to Umeå though... But it will be fine! I hope!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far! ♥♥♥