And we are back in Miami!

The cruise was amazing! We are going to try to tell you everything that happened in this post. It will be a long one because we experienced so much on this cruise. First of all, we need to recommend everyone who’s going to Florida to do this. This cruise was one of the best things we have ever done. It’s was an experience of a lifetime! The cruise lasted for 3 days. Day one we went to the Bahamas, day two Nassau and on day three we went to Key West. The arrangement was that you arrived at the destination in the early morning then you got to spend the whole day at that place. At 9 pm everyone had to be back at the ferry boat to go to the next destination.


We woke up early so we would have as much time as possible in the Bahamas. We went to the breakfast buffé on the ferry and ate some really delicious food. We then went back to our cabin to change to our bikinis. Our plan was to spend most of the day on the beach because that’s was the Bahamas is most famous for. So almost the whole day was devoted to sunbathing and swimming. On the beach, they served fruits like melon, pineapple and strawberries, so that’s almost all we ate during the day.

We took a walk to beach that was a bit further away. The beach was called “pig beach”. It’s a beach that pigs live on. You can go there to swim with them. They were actually really friendly. You could both pet them and feed them, it was really amazing. Maybe be should buy a pig? Haha, that would be so cool.

When the sun started to set we went back to the ferry. We showered and then went to eat in the restaurant that was on the ferry. We ended the day in a karaoke bar that was on the ferry as well. There we met a group of really nice people. We decided to meet them tomorrow to spend the next day on Nassau with them.


Another early morning.

We met the group of people from yesterday outside the ferry and then went to the beach. If you ever are going on this cruise you need to expect to spend a lot of the time on the beach. Because the different destinations on the cruise are mostly just sunny and warm islands with beautiful beaches. We love that, so isn’t something negative for us. But if you want to explore things and do adventurous stuff, this maybe isn’t the cruise for you. This cruise is all about relaxing and enjoying the sun. So that’s almost all we did on day two as well. But today when we were more people we also played some volleyball on the beach. It was really fun to meet some people on this trip, everything always gets more fun if you are more people.

After a day on the beach, we went back to the ferry. Today we thought we would treat ourselves something special. So after had eaten we went to the spa. There you could get a massage and lay in the pool. They also had hot stones that they put on you back. This was so nice and relaxing!

All this made us very tired though, so we went straight to bed when we were done at the spa.


The last day on the cruise!

We went to eat breakfast as usual before we went to the beach. Today it was a beach on Key West. We really tried to enjoy this day as much as possible since it was the last day. But we also thought we could do something special, so we rented jet-skis. We rode on them for almost 2 hours. We thought it was so much fun, so we couldn’t stop. Just imagine going over a beautiful clear blue sea, and going fast as well. It was amazing! We even saw some wild dolphins! It almost felt like we were in a movie. To ride alongside dolphins with a beautiful weather and amazing company. We could have had ended the cruise better!

We went back to the Ferry with big smiles on our faces. At the ferry, we ate and a couple of hours later we were back in Miami.

We went straight to the hotel and that is where we are now. Can you believe this is our last night in the USA!? Tomorrow we will go back home to Sweden. It’s so sad that we have to leave, but we will come back, that’s for sure!

We are now going to pack the last things and then we are going out for our last dinner. We think we will go somewhere extra fancy since it is the last dinner, and also to celebrate what an amazing time we have had here.

We’ll have to end the post here so we will have time to pack all the things before it gets too late. We really hope you enjoyed this post, and the next time we’ll see you we will be back home in Sweden.

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Hi everyone! We hope you´re doing well.

Yesterday was the day to pack our things and leave Orlando for our next stop, Miami! We  checked out from the hotel early in the morning and after that we went to rent a car. We´re very happy with the car we got, a brand new one! We had an awesome ride to Miami and got there just in time even if we stopped the car a few times to eat and shop some clothes and food at a mall we saw on our way here. We checked in on our new hotel room.

Today we were on Sea World or also known as seaquarium here in Miami. We were a bit tired after our long ride yesterday but we still managed to get up early and it was worthit. Anyways, we saw lots of shows, including killer whales, dolphins and seals. It was very cool to see how good they were and how attentive they were to the swimmers who worked with them.

We got home to the hotel for about 15 minutes ago and we were thinking to go out to a nice restaurant for some food.

Tomorrow we´re going on a cruise for four days and we won´t have any wi-fi on the ferry boat, so we won´t be able to blog anything but we´re going to post a big blogpost when we´re back in Miami! 

With love from the U.S / Lovisa, Elin, Amanda



Hi everyone!
We got a question from one of you that asked if we could tell you a bit about how Florida became Florida and why most of the people in Florida has Spanish as first –language. You can think that everyone is speaking English considering that the state is American. We wondered this as well, so we wanted to find out. We asked our general formed cleaning staff about it.

Florida wasdiscovered by the Spanish Juan Ponce de Leon on Easter Sunday, therefore thestate got the name Florida, which means blossomed Easter in Spanish. 1566 the Spaniards founded the city St. Augustine whichis Americas oldest inhabited city and last year they celebrated 450 yearsanniversary as a city. But the Spanish people wasn’t that interested inFlorida, because they couldn’t find natural resources that were valuable, so the Spaniards left it to France. Florida became a French colony. Throughthe peace in Paris 1763, the Great Britain took over Florida. And 1783 it wasleft back to the Spaniards, but in 1819 they sold the area to the U.S for 5 million dollars, this is also known asthe Florida acquisition.

1822 Floridabecame Florida. At this point the white people wereabout 10 000 of the population compared to 4000 Indians. 1842 the Indians wasdeported to the other side of the Mississippi river. After that several Indian reserveaccrued in Florida state. 1845 Florida became the 27th state in the U.S and gotits own flag year 1900. The red saltire reminds us of the British colonialtimes. Which is the same cross as in apart of the British flag today.

Hope this was an answer toyour question!



Today we went to Disney World, Magic Kingdom. Its one of the most visited parks in the world. It’s a place where fairytale dreams come true for children of all ages.

Delight in classic attractions, amazing fireworks, musical parades and a lot of Disney Characters like Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and his friends, Dumbo and Toy Story.
Fantasy becomes reality as you explore Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. areas. We also watched how the fireworks lighted up the sky over Cinderellas´ Castle in the night. It was so beautiful.
It was a very fun day and it felt like we were kids all over again.
We took a taxi after we had eaten breakfast at the hotel, to Magic Kingdom. We bought our tickets before we came to the park so we didn’t have to queue up when we had arrived to the famous park.

Our favorite part of the park was the Cinderella Castle with the fireworks, the light parade, Mickey Mouse and his friends house and Adventure Island.
We ate lunch at the park on a little restaurant, we ate fried chicken and french fries which tasted so good because we were extremly hungery.
It was very hot today and the sun was very strong so it was important to drink,eat and use sun protection. But we still got burned in our faces, and it looked very funny because we looked like pandas after we had used sunglasses the hole day, haha.
/ Amanda, Elin & Lovisa



Hi, everyone!

We have been in Orlando for a couple of days now and we are now starting to see the difference between how people are here compared to the people back home in Sweden. One of the first things we noticed was the Americans openness. It’s not unusual that stranger is greeting you. It has actually happened several times that people have come up and said compliments or just been curious and asked us questions. For us that are Swedes, this feels really strange. We Swedes like to keep to ourselves. I would say it’s really rare to stop someone on the streets in Sweden to say that she/he has a nice shirt. While here in the USA, it’s not unusual at all. It’s like everybody knows each other.
You can say that Swedes are a pretty closed compared to Americans. Swedes like to be quiet and the Americans like to talk. Some Swedes maybe will think that the Americans can be a bit obtrusive and annoying. But we actually think that the Americans are good at making small conversations with strangers without being too obtrusive or annoying. We also think that it wouldn’t hurt if we Swedes would take after some of this and be more open to the people around us.
We haven’t known what we have been missing since we have come here. If only the people could be more like this at home as well. It’s so much kindness here!

Love from the USA.



Today was such a great day! We had a shopping day! We spent a lot of money, but it was so worth it. Because all these money has gotten us so many new clothes, and we love all of them.

We started the day at 7 am. We got ready, and today we made ourselves a little extra pretty since we were going to spend all day shopping. Then we went down and ate breakfast, and it was amazingly good as always! We just need to say how amazing this hotel is. We love everything about it, everything from the food to the toilet paper.

Anyway, after the breakfast, we went directly to the shopping center where we had planned to spend most of the day. It wasn’t that far away from the hotel so we took a walk. Remember one thing when you are going to a big city like Orlando, make sure to bring comfortable shoes! When we walked this much as we did today our feet would have hurt even more if we wouldn’t have had comfortable shoes.

The mall was so big, it had 260 stores! So we promise you, if you ever go there you won’t come home empty-handed. At least, we didn’t! There were so many things in the mall! Everything from Gucci and Abercrombie & Fitch to computers from apple and other electronics. We bought mostly clothes and some cosmetics, but Lovisa bought a new MacBook computer.

The mall had a lot of restaurants and cafées as well. So when we had shopped for a couple hours we sat down at a Starbucks café to get some more energy! Also, when we sat there the coolest thing happened! You won’t believe who we saw! Justin Bieber! He sat at the table behind us when we were at Starbucks. All three of us got so starstrucked and none of us dared to go up to him so unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures.

We were at the mall for about 5 hours, then we took a cab to an outlet store in the outskirt of Orlando. That’s one thing that Orlando is really famous for. There are two big outlets in Orlando, one in the south and one in the north. Both of them is pretty similar, so it enough to just go to one of them. We choose the south one since that was closer to the mall and our hotel.

The outlet was not a disappointment! There were so many designer clothing stores, and the clothes were really cheap. Some clothing was cheaper than from normal stores. Even though we were really tired after all the shopping, we spend almost 4 hours here as well. Then we took the cab back to the hotel. With sore feet, we arrived at the hotel at 9 pm. We were so tired and our feet was hurting so much, so we decided to order food from the room service instead of going out to a restaurant.

We just ordered some sweets from the room service as well. We got really full from the food, but we wanted some snacks too. When the sweets arrive we are going to watch a movie, I don’t know which movie but the hotel has Netflix so we have some movies to choose between.

Now someone knocked on the door, it must be room service with our sweets. So I’ll end the post here.

Goodnight from Orlando!



Hi, guys!

We are getting a lot of question from all of you. I saw one question that I thought was really interesting, so I thought that I could answer it here.

Question: Is it true that death penalty is legal in Florida?

Yes, that’s actually true! The death penalty is legal in 31 states of 50. The reason why it’s not illegal in the whole country is that all the different states can choose most of the laws themselves. The 50 states have a big independence. All the different states are controlled by a governor. Besides deciding if they want a death penalty or not, they can also decide school and social policy. Things like the defense, foreign policy, internal security, customs and postal are controlled by the president and his government.

The politics is really different here than back home in Sweden. One other thing that is really different is that the president has much more power here than the prime minister in Sweden. The president doesn’t need support from the congress (which is like the Swedish government) to make a decision. While in Sweden, all the decisions are voted for by the government.
What country do you think has the best politics? Does the Swedish or American politics sound better?

One thing that the USA is really famous for is all it’s funny and weird laws. So I thought I could end this post with some funny laws in Florida.

- It is illegal to sell your children.

- If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle.

- Doors of all public buildings must open outwards.

- The penalty for horse theft is death by hanging.

- Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal.

Keep on asking questions and we will try to answer more of them in another post.




​Today we
visited a place called Discovery Cove. It wasamazing. Discovery Cove is a one-of-a-kindexperience where you can swim with bottlenose dolphins, feed tropical birds,play inches from a family of otters, and even walk on the ocean floor—all inone day.

We decided to get a private swim with the bottlenose dolphinsfor 30 minutes.
It’s was so amazing!!!! We were playing,kissing and gave them fish food. We also had a private photograph with us so wecould save this moment. I’m so happy thatwe had him with us.
The dolphins is born on Discovery Cove, so they are not taken from the sea andthen placed in a pool on the area. So teqnicual the dolphins don’t know how thesealife is, they only now how its is on Discovery Cove and that’s much morefair for the dolphin, because than they don’t have nothing to compare with inthe sea.

After the dolphin experience, we went tolunch at the park. In the entrance tickets,lunch and breakfast were included. Both thelunch and breakfast tasted amazing. Weate hamburgers, french fries & salad.
After lunch, we were chilling by the seaand enjoyed the sun as much as possible before we went back to the hotel.
Now we are home again and soon we will go out and eat somewhere.



We´re finally in our amazing hotel room with an unbelievable view in Orlando. We´re living in the middle of the city of Orlando and I think we will be able to take some cool pictures here in Orlando.

The stopover in New York was a bit chaotic because we couldn’t find ourgate at first but after 15 minutes of running around and searching for it, we asked the cleaning staff were to go so we got to the plane in time.

It's right now sunset and at least 27 degrees outside but we´ve decided not to do so much tonight because we´re exhausted after the 14- hour long flight. Speaking of that, we´re very satisfiedwith the serving staff on board on the Turkish airlines and we recommend them to anyone who wants good food and good service.

On the way here we bought some takeaway food from KFC and we´re going to eat it in our hotelroom because we have an amazing view and want to enjoy it as much as we can. Tomorrow we´re going to discovery cove. Discovery cove is a park where you can swim withdolphins, dive with rays and with other fishes as well.  tomorrow we´re goingto delight the sun and our first day here in the paradise.

Hope you're doing well and we will see you tomorrow



Hi, everyone!

The day is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited! While I'm sitting here the snow is pouring down outside the window. So to be going to a warm country couldn’t fit any better right now. I just closed my bag, it so full! But I think I have packed everything I need. Myself, Amanda and Lovisa have made a pack list so we wouldn’t forget anything. You can see the list right here↓. I think this is a really good thing to have to make sure that you have everything with you. So I really recommend you guys to make or save ours when you are going to a vacation too.

pack list.png

The pack list includes everything you need for a summer vacation in the U.S. The most important thing is, of course, the passport and the flight tickets. We now afterwards saw that we forgot to write the ESTA card on the pack list. This card is really important too, otherwise, we won’t be allowed to get into the country.

All the other things on our pack list are not that important it just for ourselves, so we will look good when we are walking down the different streets of Florida. We have also chosen to take with us some workout clothes. We thought that it could be nice to have a power walk on the beach. Our hotel also has a gym, so we can also go there to get some exercise. 

To bring a camera we also thought was a really important thing. Because we really want to remember this trip and have photos as memories. These photos we can also share with our family and friends to show them what we did on this trip. 

I really hope you enjoyed this pack list! Next time we will see you, we will be in FLORIDA!