Reasons to stay alive


Why is life worth living? Is life worth living? This is a question I have asked a thousand times in my life. I’ve asked it when I sit on the shower floor crying. I’ve asked that on a hospital bed after a suicide attempt. I’ve asked it while still awake at three am.

I have asked that so many times. And finally after years of questioning it, I’ve found an answer.

Life is all about even the tiniest things that bring you even the tiniest bit of joy. This can be using a new shampoo that you spent too much money on, just because it smells nice. It can be smiling at a stranger who maybe has a bad day and your smile brightened up their day. It can be picking out flowers from a market and putting them in that vase you have been dying to use. It can be that you have a good hair day. Anything! Even the smallest things.

But life is worth living for so many other reasons. Not just the small things, but also the bigger things. Getting a driver's license, getting a tattoo, buying that purse you’ve been drooling over for months. It can be that you’ve got accepted to a school you really want to go to. Life is worth living because of things like that as well.

Life is worth living because of the simple things. A good cup of coffee, studying at a library, reading a good book, going to watch a movie to the cinema, sleeping in new fresh bed sheets, lighting a scented candle.

But what also makes life worth living, is people in our lives. I know that not everyone for example has a good connection to their parents or siblings, but let’s not focus on that negativity. Focus on the people you love and who love you (even though I am sure your parents and siblings love you too). Going out for a coffee with a friend, sibling, relative, partner, anyone whose company you enjoy. Taking a trip with someone you love to a cabin or coffee shop or relatives place or a big shopping centre. Also traveling with someone you love.

But you don’t have to do all that if it doesn't feel like you need it (but believe me, at some point you will need that. We all do.) Even sleeping next to someone you love or have a FaceTime call with someone you love makes life worth living.

YOU reading this, listen to me. You might feel like nothing brings you happiness anymore. But you can learn new tools and practises on how to find joy again. I highly recommend self-help books or motivational YouTube videos that might bring you closer to happiness.

You might feel like the world would be a better place without you in it. But NO, a BIG NO to that. Life IS a BETTER place with you in it. You are important. You are put on this earth for a reason. Because you have something to give. I am 100% sure someone loves to laugh at your jokes, someone is beyond happy to see you at a party because they think you are interesting or funny or cute. Someone out there needs your light. Someone out there is your soulmate. Someone thinks you are the best thing that has happened to them. You ARE loved. And you have a purpose in life. You are NOT worthless. NO ONE is. Okay? You are amazing. There is a whole world out there that needs you. There is a whole life ahead of you filled with so much joy, happiness and hope. Don’t give up. Life is worth living.