March Goals 2021

Hi everyone and happy March! In case you missed it, but I wrote a blog post last month about my February goals for 2021. And here I am again writing another list of goals. I want to share my March goals with you. But first, let’s talk about the goals I reached last month.

February Goals:

  • Get a tattoo. This goal came true. I got “turn the page;” tattooed on my left arm on top of my self harm scars, so that it reminds me to always turn the page when I feel like it.

  • Read two books. I actually finished reading three books. Those books are “The Girl Who Reads on The Metro” by Christine Feret-Fleury, “The Sun is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon and “How to stop Feeling Like Sh*t” by Andrea Owen.

  • Rearrange my apartment. I did this as well and it turned out so amazing! It really opened up the space and it is really cozy now.

  • Spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. I had an amazing Valentine’s Day and yes I spent it with my boyfriend.

  • Go to ikea. This was a fun goal to achieve. And can you believe that my boyfriend actually came with me! It was so much fun! And yes, I spent money. And yes, I got a new plant.

  • Drink more water. I actually started drinking more water and I’m so proud about it.

Those are the goals that I reached in February. Now, let’s talk about my March goals.

  • Write more. I write often but I feel like lately I’ve been lazy with writing. But I will start writing more!

  • Finish reading at least two books. Again, I’ve been lazy with reading as well. Today morning I read a few pages and I honestly had not read a book in like a week! That’s not like me. I have just been lazy with it because I’ve been so much on my computer watching YouTube videos. I built my own computer with the help from my boyfriend and here I’ve been sitting many hours of the day. But I will start reading more again because I miss it a lot. And it’s already the 8th of March and my goal is to read two books. So, I better hurry haha! But no pressure, of course.

  • Save money. I have spent many 100 euros lately. Clothes and computer stuff and I honestly feel a bit bad about spending a lot of money lately. And I really want to start saving better and more.

  • Eat healthier. I feel like this is on literally all my lists omg. But honestly, I eat somewhat healthy, and I am honest with you right now (ok, I am always honest with you) but I mean I really like chocolate… But I am going to try to cut down on unhealthy eating and have like one or two days a week where I can eat a bit unhealthy.

  • Learn to play cs. Yes, you read that correctly. Me and my boyfriend built a computer for me and I will learn to play games and so on. Right now I just use my new computer to watch YouTube, Netflix and to write. Learning to play cs is harder than I thought and it really tests my patience. I pretty much gave up already and need a break haha! So, this goal might not come true this month but it’s a process.

  • Drink more water. I have actually gotten a lot better with drinking water and I’m so proud haha!

  • Go through my clothes, organize and clean my closet. I have a lot of clothes and I’m actually thinking about selling some of them. But I really really need to go through them because I have a lot.

So, here are my goals for March! I hope this inspired you to make your own list of goals.