Let's talk about motivation

The best compliment I have ever gotten is, “you are inspiring.” That is something that keeps me going. My dream, my goal, is to inspire. That is why I am here.

Some people have asked me, “how do you stay motivated?” And the truth is, I don’t always. I am a very motivated person, most of the time, and if I put my mind into a thing, I get that sh*t done. But I’m not going to lie, often I am lazy. Recently I have spent more time sleeping than writing. Today I woke up at 12:15 pm. I would have loved to stay in bed, but instead I got up, showered, put some makeup on, put my hair up and here I am, writing this, at my desk. I get lazy a lot. I don’t do that much on weekdays. I try to do something, though. I have some things to do, people I meet every week because that is something I have to do, something I signed up for. But most of the time, I am home. I do spend a lot of time sleeping, not because of depression, or anything like that, but because sometimes I’m lazy, (and simply just tired.) That’s the truth, and I hate saying it. But like I said, if I put my mind into things, I get them done. But if I have a choice, I stay in my comfort zone. Some days, I’m motivated and ready to take on the world, other days, not so much. But I strive to be the very best version of myself. But, not everyday will be like that, or filled with inspiration and motivation, and on those days it’s important to “just do it.” Get up, get ready and just do it. Because staying in bed, sleeping till 12, is not going to make your dreams come true. You have to take action. Like I did today. Now, do not get me wrong, it is completely okay to not be motivated and to not do something productive every single day. I have my “lazy days'' when, honestly, I just lay in bed eating chocolate and watching YouTube videos till 1 am. And it is okay! But if it keeps on being like that, it’s not healthy. That’s why I take action and get up from bed most days in the week, because I want to achieve my goals, big and small, and I want to live and spend time with myself and loved ones, and also do what I love, like going to the gym, reading and writing. I try to include those things into my daily and weekly plans and routines. I don't want to sleep away my life. But like I said, I am a very motivated person. Why? Because I'm very happy. And when I’m happy, I get so easily motivated and inspired. But that’s not everyday, and it’s not something to beat myself up for. Same thing with productivity. It’s impossible to be productive all the time, at least in my opinion.

Now, let’s go in depth on motivation and truth behind it. To be motivated, does not mean you will not fail. We all fail at things, it's part of life. But motivation means, trying again, and again, and again after you fail. And when you fail, or when life hits you hard, you are going to doubt yourself. You are going to question if you are doing the right thing and you are going to ask “why?” but when you believe in yourself, that’s when you look beyond those failures. When you believe in yourself, that is when you are capable of doing whatever you want. When you believe in yourself, that is magic. That is how you change (your life.) And all those “why?” questions will fade away, once you believe in yourself.

If you constantly tell yourself that you can’t do something, no sh*t you can’t do it, because you have planted that sentence in your brain, and your brain will think it is the truth. But when you tell yourself “I can do this” or “I believe in myself” then your brain will act with it and you are capable of doing what you said you could not do at first. It’s all about mindset. Your mindset.

Like Denzel Washington said, “fall forward.” You are not failing backwards, because when you fail, you learn, and that's progress. So, fall forward.

The key to motivation: Do what you love, get enough sleep, read motivational books, watch motivational speeches on YouTube, fill your mind with thoughts that are positive, but at the same time, raw and real. And most importantly, “just do it” and take action.

The key to inspiration. Do what you love, go outside, read and change up your environment every now and then.

I hope this blog post was even the tiniest bit helpful. Thank you so much for reading, it means the world. I’ll write again soon..