heyy! Welcome to my blog:) In this post, i am just going to keep all of you guys upto date with my day to day life! I will try my best to post on this blog as much as i can.

Get To Know Me:

My Name is : Eleanor Marie Dobbs

My Age: I am currently 14 years old , and my birthday is the 30th of November 2002!

Talents/Hobbies: My talents are singing, acting & learning languages. My hobby and only hobby is making YouTube videos on my YouTube channel: Eleanor Dobbs

Fav Food/Drink : hmm, my fav food would defiantly be PASTA!! & my fav drink will probably be Lemon Lime Bitters:)

My Life Story : Well, one special day on 30/11/2002 i was born in Luton Hospital, UK. (Yes, i was born in England) I grew up in England with many amazing friends and my lovely family, where i would visit my nanny's house every weekend. This was all until early 2010 in January, we moved to Australia! As i was only 7 years old i didn't know what the heck was even going on, maybe i thought i was going on a nice holiday somewhere in Europe! Well.. that was all until we reached our destination in Perth Australia, I can still remember the heat wave that hit me once i stepped out of the plane! It was too hot for my liking, i mean, you would probably get the same reaction if you had lived in England you entire life and suddenly got off the plane in a blasting hot country. Well after we were in Perth for a bit, i go used to the hot weather, beaches, hot sand, people... until be moved to where we were actually going to live.... 7 HOURS IN LAND!! We moved to a deserted little town, in the middle of the outback called "Kalgoorlie" , once i got off the plane, i got another shock of heat, and this one was miles hotter! Kalgoorlie was wayyyyy to hot for my liking, but the worst part was, despite the fact there obviously wasn't going to be any beaches near by, we didn't even have a swimming pool in our house!! Summer from what i can remember was the worsttttt!! Kalgoorlie was a big adventure, we got involved in stand storms, earthquakes, heat waves, which is A LOT different to England!! Two years had passes by, we had so many friends and were quite well known around the town, we moved to Perth! In 2012 i started anew school in year 4, i met my best friend who i am still best friends with today, i met so many more friends and people, we also had the beaches back too! From 2012-2014 i finished primary school and headed to high school with my primary school friends. I met so many more people and met my best friends who i have today. So i am still currently in year 9 at the same high school, its not that fun anymore, quite boring actually, but really what can i do, i stuck there for the next 3 years!

Currently today i have a YouTube channel : Eleanor Dobbs & this blog and also no social life as i love social media too much lol. I also speak some Norwegian and Swedish, so hopefully i can write some blog posts for you Scandinavians !! Oh yes, and if you dont already know, i am obsessed with Norway and Sweden ahaha!! I loveeee the country's and the people are so so nice, maybe i will move there when i get older... hopefully!:)

Well it is currently 10:30PM at night in Australia, so i am going to let you guy go , i hope you all have a wonderful day today, and will see you in my next post!

byeeeee xo



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