Have you ever thought that some tv series could change your life. I haven't. But it happened.
Only two days ago, scrolling my VK account I saw interesting information about Norwegian series - SKAM, and decided to watch it. It was my best decision ever.
It's really difficult to explain my feelings, cause this series made me feel sad, happy, jealous and disappointed. Young people have so much fan, they fall in love, they get divorced, they go clubbing, they are free for everything new, for everything that they didn't do before: drugs, alcohol, marijuana, same-sex and so on. But it isn't the most interesting topic. I was shocked that throw their problems authors show us worldwide problems, such as moral principles, progress of the society, problems about misunderstanding between parents and child, misunderstanding in society, problem of choosing between normal behavior and independence in love, problem of self-realization and feeling of happiness