​Large buildings face common problems among visitors for losing their path in the maze of rooms, corridors and halls. You might recollect seeing the floor plans pamphlets handed out to you at receptions in big convention centres. Floor plans are good but you always require re-confirming the path from helpdesk at different spots in the building or enquire it from the passerby staff. The EasyFind Way Finding App helps you find your routes with instructions presented to you in animated forms. Unlike the static instruction texts, the animated ones tend to stay longer in your memory and are way more intuitive. The EasyFind wayfinding app is a digital way-finding solution that is carefully crafted keeping in mind that the visitors are first timers and the friendly management aspects towards them. EasyFind’s way-finder (kiosks) use the touch screen way finding technology. You can pinch zoom in to the path details, view animated path drawings, get directions and instructions all available to you at your finger tips.

  • -Pinch Zoom
  • The static floor maps available in malls are readable for the younger generation, but for people who use glasses, the mark-up texts may not be clear. They will have to depend on nearby persons for guidance. EasyFind Touch screen way-finding assures that you will not have to depend on anyone to get hold of your way. Interactive way-finders (kiosks) are smart enough and help you get details by simply zooming into the floor maps using pinch zoom gestures. So, even if you are a younger, older person with weaker eyesight you need not worry.
  • -Path drawing
  • EasyFind touch screen way-finding app’s path maps are animated so that you get the most at first look of the maps itself. They have unused rooms disabled for you so that your eye catches the prominently marked destinations easily. Animated path drawings make it way clearer than the standard printed paths. The land marks or objects, labels that you will come across besides your path are labelled clearly for you to avoid confusion en route. That helps you to easily monitor your direction and re-affirm that you are on the right path. Hence, you are made self reliant enough rather that requiring to depend on any one for help.
  • -Directions
  • The computerised technology gives the power for you to control what your visitors view in kiosks. The EasyFind Digital Way-Finding App has animated directions to the target from the point where you stand. With dotted lines and mark up balloons you find it way easier to discover your path and tend to stick on to it rather than getting deviated by asking the passersby who himself might not be aware of the place.
  • -Instructions
  • EasyFind New Way-finding app instructions are beautifully animated unlike those in the printed paths seen in malls. The interactive instructions help make the system friendlier to you rather than the dumb static displays.

EasyFind way finding app has animated instructions to help you throughout to reach your destination without even a small space for doubts, making you self reliable even at a place that you are visiting for the first time.