Hello sunshines!

I have been thinking about this with newborn photography and been looking up different photographers close to us and I find it being extremely expensive for what kind of quality it is. I’ve been looking through different portfolios and none of the photographer's work feel like they have any character, just “photos”, if you understand what I mean? And the photographers I have found having the type of style I want in the photos are based in London City and doubled the prices.

I use to take lots of photos with my sister

I use to have a very big interest for photography a few years back and was thinking about creating my own series of photos when our little one arrives. I thought it would make more sense to choose out a kind of theme I would like to go with and get access to a studio, and do my own thing! Why not try it?!

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Tuesday, and still no signs of little mini yet! I went out for an hour long walk today in Knole Park to try and get it going haha.. But nope, nothing seem to be happening yet. Tomorrow we have an appointment to see our baby girl though!

Unbelievable how big I feel right now haha..



And Hello week 40! (39+3)

I had a lovely weekend! On Friday M was in London all day and when he came home we ordered pizza for take-away night. Must say that having take-away Friday’s is amazing - you always have something to look forward to even if you have a plan-free weekend!

Of course evening spent in my fav pyjamas.

On Saturday we had a lovely weekend-breakfast and then M went over to the gym while I got ready for the day. We popped over to the shopping centre to get some sheets for little mini’s Moses basket, and also some bottles and a steriliser - very last minute I know..

We had booked a table in the afternoon at a new restaurant here in Sevenoaks, called Miller & Carter Steakhouse. And ended up with a three courses meal!! Still can’t believe how we had all that food haha.. But I can tell you, the food was A M A Z I N G.

I mean.. Look at this!

Sunday morning I had a massage booked in, and it was definitely needed. My back these last few weeks has definitely felt the pressure of carrying a baby..

And now we are finally in the last week of pregnancy, how crazy is that!? I really hope she wants to come out this week.. I do not want to go over time haha.. Can’t wait to finally meet our baby girl!



Our handmade babynest from Denmark, link HERE

January 10th, and it's unbelievable how restless I am now.. Just waiting for our little one to arrive. Yesterday I turned our bedroom upside down haha.. Decided to try and turn the bed around to see if it would make more space for little one's bed. Luckily it turned out quite good. Afterwards I went out on a hunt for some inspiration to find some further decorations and details for the bedroom. We got a lovely shop here in Sevenoaks filled with good inspiration for the home, called Danish Collection. I love that they also got a decorated baby-room upstair with products from Elodie Details.

Just have to recomend this restaurant next to London Bridge in London, The Chop House, I had the crab-toast for starters and the salmon for main and this was definitely 5 stars.



I am so impatient right now, just want to meet our little one!!
Hahah, today it's been a storm outside all day. My energy has not been on top either as I fell asleep for two hours in the afternoon.. Hehe, well at least I had the energy to make pancakes when I woke up!

I am happy it's Friday tomorrow, I definitely wants to do something this weekend as I'am not very good at just sitting around and wait haha..

So happy with our pram!! And so glad it arrived on time.



At the moment I’m sitting at Starbucks at Westfield with a frappecino after some shopping. M had some meetings in London so I thought I would go up as well and do some shopping!

So far I’ve got mini a bathtub and a summer dress from The White Company. Also got some new make up from MAC, as I thought it’s better to fill up before she arrives.

This is my new lovely silk pyjamas and it is definitely a favourite!!



And so were entering a new year! I can't wait to start a family with my lovely man and to have this year starting knowing that our little girl will be here with us within the next couple of days is just an amazing feeling

Last New Years Eve me and M was in Stockholm. We started the day waking up at the Clarion Hotel and went for a lovely breakfast then followed by a few hours at the hotel’s spa floor.

We later met up with some friends for dinner at Prinsen in central Stockholm for a three course meal. We watched the fireworks from one of the bridges and then headed over for a after party at a place called Kasai.

This year we will have a calm evening with dinner at some friends, just eat good food, treats and drinks. The only alcohol free options I actually like is the ciders, everything else just don't taste good at all haha.. As bump is getting very heavy it's going to be nice with a calm evening with good company.



Feels like it’s been Saturday for a whole week!

Christmas: Me and M went down to his parents further down in Kent to stay for the holidays. We basically had three Christmases as I wanted the Swedish traditions on the 24th, and in England they celebrate Christmas on the 25th and then M's whole family came around on Boxing Day for some more celebrations and presents.

We went up to London on Friday before Christmas for some last minute Christmas shopping and just to enjoy the Christmas spirit before it was all over. Godiva made the most amazing macaroons with chocolate topping!


As this was my first Christmas in England I got to experience how they celebrate here and it has been amazing.

When we woke up on Christmas morning our stockings were at the door in the bedroom filled with presents. I felt like a child again and my Christmas spirit was at maximum. Downstairs in the living room our presents were in piles on the sofa for everyone to start open their presents. I got the most lovely presents this year and was so surprised as I did not wish for anything except for a silk pyjamas haha..

Short list of what I got this Christmas:
White silk pyjamas hehe
Flight tickets to Spain in May
Tickets to see The Lion King on theatre in London
Lovely neckless & earrings set from Tiffanys & Co
A rose-golden straightener
White cozy dressing gown
Lots of chocolate

M also got little mini the cutest music mobile set to hang over her cot with the cutest little elephants from The White Company. I have found that I love elephants hahah.. I buy everything to mini with small elephants on it!

Week 38 (37+1) Pregnancy update

This last 4 days of holiday with M being off as well has been lovely and very relaxing. I have however caught a cold and been feeling very exhausted. Little mini is moving around a lot and I have had more and more period-pain kind of pain since two weeks back.

Feeling heavy like an elephant and have not been able to sleep through a whole night as waking up a few times every night the last two weeks.

19 days to go!



Friday, and I am so excited as M and I are going up to London shortly to get the last Christmas presents and of course to enjoy the Christmas lights before they take them down!

Mini's carseat arrived today, and I was very lucky the man helped me carry it up to our apartment. Don't know how I would of got it upstairs otherwise haha.. Now it's only a few more things we need to get before she arrives!