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The symbolic earth could be the language of the Universe. Therefore words frequently do not share the fact of truth. Our perceptions create our internal experiences, which create the instructions of our lives. Spirals, triangles, circles, pieces, and crosses evoke feelings of connectedness that seems general among individuals for the duration of history. Different countries, arts and styles reveal their experiences through the symbolic world. Fractals are a good example of exactly how many find a new aesthetic blending of art, science and nature.

I think that one of many factors that our techniques and institutions are struggling on this world is because folks are changing to new levels. They require different sides, different and start practices to find out the planet about them. People of all ages deserve to be validated as individual beings. Their experiences are weaving the 21st Century's record, and as a community we must make the change required to greatly help our exploring minds and hearts.

An example of this really is one of my personal favorite experiences was compiled by biologist Lyall Watson in his book Lifetide: The Biology of Consciousness and then popularized in

Ken Keyes book The Hundredth Monkey. Because the history moves several scientists were studying the behavior of regional apes on the island of Koshima near China in 1952. That number of Mucaca fuscats apes might consume the sweet carrots that the scientists dropped in the san everyday for them. One young female monkey, who the scientists named Imo, learned to scrub the carrots before eating them. She taught her monkey buddies and household to scrub their carrots too. Pretty shortly lots of the apes were imitating Imo's food cleaning behavior. The scientists observed that with interest, watching how a behavior slowly Xiaomi TWS Earbuds spread through the group, till one day anything astonishing occurred - every monkey in the group started cleaning their food. The scientists described their findings - at the same time frame that still another number of scientists at Takaskeyana on the area mainland had recognized an unusual and eerie trend: instantly all of the Macaca fuscata apes they were watching had begun to scrub their food in the water without any physical link with Imo or the original group of monkeys. That history is one of my internal experiences that information my perceptions of the wonderful Universe. There is therefore significantly we do not know. My internal history is a opinion in the Hundredth Horse theory. That theory is that when a portion of any species learn anything there's a quantum jump in learning for the whole group. My history is that our individual household is on the way to wisdom, compassion, and more enlightenment.

A significant change is occurring, not only on our world, but within the individual psyche. Mysteries are cropping up throughout the place. Questions are now being requested and answers are now being sought. For generations science has tried to be disconnected from the religious realm. It would appear, however, that numerous scientists are creating discoveries that validate what the mystics knew for centuries. Dr. Candice Pert, writer of Molecules of Emotion found that our cells, respond to our thoughts all around the body. Dr. Pert is one of many scientists who are exploring your head, human body and heart connection. Her research shows clearly that cells at the most minute levels keep in touch with each other. They vibrate to a different frequencies and will start to vibrate together over a time period, depending on the activities of different cells about them. The cells look to have intelligence at all levels within the body.

That aspect of Dr. Pert's function fascinates me. For decades I have already been fascinated by the theories about the bond involving the microcosm and macrocosm. Is it possible that the symbolic earth is guiding people at a cellular level? The symbolic earth is an abundant reference for us. There are system which were applied for the duration of history. Even though some look upon tarot units, runes and the I Ching with suspicion, these resources allow people to utilize and build our personal intuition. Prayer beans, prayer wheels, mantras, rosary beans, crosses and mandalas are typical resources to allow people to connect with this religious essence.