The meaning and importance of conversie rate optimalisatie and show the differences between pure traffic and action-related traffic as well. I will also let you know what role advertising companies have in this whole process.

The difference between traffic and Traffic:

There is a common misconception about traffic when it comes to website success. Many automatically think that when traffic is huge, that would automatically means success. But in most cases this is not correct. Of course, generating traffic is a good thing for a new starting business or an affiliate business that practically lives off from pure traffic. But most businesses need more than that and here requirements of conversie optimalisatie uitbesteden generate.

How to define Conversion rate and its importance:

Here is an easy scenario for you:

Imagine you open up your own store selling just anything you would like to sell. In the first days or weeks, you are very happy even if you get a minor traffic. Then the traffic keeps on growing, either with or without the help of additional advertising and it makes you happy. But at the end of the month you are not happy at all: because you have to pay tons of costs to keep your business up and no one has bought anything from you. It means that turning the potential customers’ attention to action fails badly at one or more points. You fail to generate „leads” as they call every action that profits on their collective name. This can indeed become a major indicator of your business facing serious issues. And that’s where you will need the cooperation of excellent Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and e-marketing to help define what’s going wrong, why and how to improve your strategy.

What elements can convert?

Basically anything that’s regarded as a call –to-action on a website from a business point of view. Let’s see a few examples of actions that mean conversion:

  • Filling out a registration/subscription sheet
  • Providing email for newsletters
  • Giving a „like” to the client’s Facebook page
  • To action a leading page
  • Direct order of a product/service
  • Direct shopping of a product/service

How to measure it?

Expert conversie optimalisatie bureau have great analytic tools to measure every single call-to-actions and the reactions of visitors for it. These diagrams can provide you with a prompt data even letting you know at which point users stopped with a process, a registration for instance. That’s exactly why these analytics are a great help for clients to let them know what to check or what to change on their CTA (call to action) pages or pop-ups.

Without the presence of a real good search engine and marketing bureau your conversion strategy may fail very badly. First you need the expert to find out why this is happening and then to find the cure to those lacks or failures to make sure the page converts one or more ways,

If you want to learn why your site brings you only minimal results in terms of getting leads, it’s high time for you to get in touch with a real good professional conversie optimalisatie specialist that will help you find and fix the problem.



​We all know how important social media adverentie specialist is for promoting our business or our products. Still, if social media marketing is done by someone inexperienced, it can quickly ruin your chances there. Therefore, I’d like to represent you with the top 10 social media marketing mistakes to avoid, making sure you devise the right strategy that will really pay off with time and effort.

1.)Not customizing your content to your target audience: you need to read, research and find the people who would be the most likely to be interested in your services. Find the way to interact with them authentically and focus your content accordingly. If you are not sure about this, must think about social media advertentie bureau and their professional services.

2.)Constant Self-promotion: measure and pace your advertenties content and efforts because people don’t like the in-your-face type of promoters. Use two types of content. Let the majority of your posts be outward-facing and less than half of them be about your business or promotion (inward posts).

Examples for outward facing content: according to the general interests of your target audience and current trends: (if you create a blog where you also post these, it’s the best way to use them and share them from time to time)



DIYs and How-to articles




plain beauty-based ( pics)

3.)Not targeting your message: According to social media adverteren uitbesteden experts if you are not targeting your message then your efforts are worthless.

4.)Not helping for free: don’t get secretive. Help people up to a point so that they remember and come back to you when they need advice. This is a great way to build your own fan base.

5.)Auto-response without smart settings: some businesses overuse the impersonal auto-responses. If you must do it through let it follow the below guidelines:

oAlways provide an alternate way to contact you ( plus website URL)

oMake it be as customized to your target audience’s language as possible. And friendly.

oAlways let people know a maximum timeframe they can expect a feedback.

oFollow-up with your own response and adverteren build a conversation with effective.

6.)Lack of goals: your approach has to have a goal even if its temporary and then changes, the goal with define the whole campaign and interactions. Start social media marketing with getting a fan-base for you. Then make it more specific and go ahead with the influencing campaigns. Each approach must have its own strategy.

7.)Posting too frequently: measure your efforts, let people wait for you so that they value your posts at linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube. High volume posting can be very annoying and will make you lose way more than you win.

8.)Posting too rarely: always build up your posting times and adhere to the schedule. Don’t post too rare or people will forget about you.

  • 9.Not focusing on the best social platforms for your business: Each site has their pros and cons and some of them will not work for your business as much as the others do.
  • 10.Failure to track and analyze on where you are and what you could achieve in certain periods of time. Click here