So I’ve been thinking about the future. I am going through a part of my life where I am expected to make a decision that will have an impact on my entire life. This thought is absolutely terrifying.

Every person I meeting asks me about my future plans and what I will be doing after graduation, I reply with a gap year and their facial expressions change quickly. It goes from hopeful to more of a disappoint. Their next questions tends to be after that what will I do and I have planned to go to university after. They ask me what course and I reply with I don’t know yet. Another disappointed facial expression. This often happens and it makes me so angry.

It is okay not knowing how the rest of your life Is going to be like at the age of 17/18. How are we supposed to know when we haven’t even live half of our lives yet?

There are so many questions that no one can answer for us such as will the course I take fit me? Will I be successful? Will I be happy with doing this my entire life? So many questions and no answers.

I want to take my gap year, do as much as possible to gain experience which will help me in life. I will have time to sit down and really think through what I want out of life and experience being on my own. I don’t want to jump into a course now not knowing if this is what I want to do, or just jump into one because we are expected by family or society to attend university straight away.

This expectation society places on us is terrible in my opinion. Young adults might now feel they don’t have a lot of room to make their own choices because they are so limited. Without a higher education, you will never be able to get a well paying job. This is the hardest part to keep in mind.

My point of this post was to remind everyone not to listen to the expectations, instead make their own decisions based on what THEY WANT. Also for people to understand it is okay to not know what they want to do now. Give it time and it will come to you. Stressing it will just make it worse.

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Halloween is a tradition that is enjoyed in many different places. What often makes a tradition the best is the people you are surrounded by. I went to Copenhagen to celebrate 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend and we went to Tivoli at night. It was wonderful. Lights everywhere, smell of hot chocolate, and the taste of warm burnt almonds. It was amazing.

We decided to go for one ride and everyone that knows me know my obsession with rides. They are the best so I was enjoying that greatly.

Before Tivoli, we ate at a nice restaurant in Nyhavn where I had a burger. I ate way to much as usual oops.

It is nice to have evenings like this with the people that you love. They are the precious moments that we need to remember when life might be hard. I will forever remember this moment and think back to the amazing smiles, tastes and sights from that might.

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