Welcome to this little blog of mine!

The biggest insight that I have ever received regarding my health is the fact that the body possesses a persistent and amazing ability to actually heal itself. Sickness and diseases often come when we abuse our bodies with bad health and when our basic needs are not prioritised.

This lit a spark in me - I realised I needed to become an expert in my own health.

My name is Hanna. I'm a 23 year old from Sweden who has been living on the east coast of Australia the past 4 years, recently finishing a degree at university of Sydney. I'm passionate about surfing, diving and everything ocean. Not really sure where this comes from really, my dad was an old sailor who crossed the earth on his little boat and he used to tell me these crazy stories about whales and what is was like not seeing land for weeks. I actually believed he was a pirate up until I was 10 and I wanted to be exactly like him. I'm pretty sure this is the root cause of my love for marine life and conservation. This year I'm leaving the Bondi life in Sydney to move back to the little surf village - Byron bay to be closer to more flourishing marine life and beautiful waves. 

Part of this love for marine creatures, our oceans and conservation lead to a bigger love for all our creatures on this planet and thus it was obvious to go plant based. I have been an alkaline vegan for 3 years now, my mineral levels have gone up, my energy levels are sky high, my sleeping pattern is better, my brain and thoughts feel sharper and I have gained a higher sense of peace in mind and most importantly -  found a trust in following how life unfolds itself. 

I have unlearned everything we are being taught from western medicine and schools and and been retaught with the help of herbalist such as dr sebi who inspires a mucus reducing alkaline lifestyle which is made up of non- hybrid plant foods. I know I sounds complicated but in simple terms, this simple means eating plants with an organic history (so not human made foods) that is alkalising to the body and will put the body back to a state of homeostasis. Along with the plant based diet, I also use herbs to clean the body's cells on an intra-cellular level as well.

There is so much to say about this, and I am so eager to share this information so that hopefully perhaps someone else can see this as a tool and benefit from it as much as I have. This is so positively powerful that it can completely change your quality of life and perspective.

Stick around if you want to embark on this journey with me!!!

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