They say, "Know your worth and then add tax." I'd have to say that is a powerful message because just knowing your worth isn't enough. You HAVE to always "over compensate" when it comes to loving yourself and knowing your worth! This type of self love and confidence is essential for you to be able to be fully fulfilled in your life. I struggle with self love because I am always noticing myself loving others tOo much and loving myself too little. Well ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TIME TO BE SELFISH : )

Here are some TIPS on how to gain SELF LOVE:

1. DRINK. DRINK. DRINK-- WATER (very important)

2. Quit trying to be anything that's not you! BE YOU ALWAYS.

3. Celebrate your uniqueness--again, BE YOU ALWAYS.

4. DO NOT compare yourself to others whats-so-ever!

5. Do not seek validation from others-- you're not always going to make the right decisions. Learn from your mistakes. ADD to your worth. and be GREAT even when you feel wrong.

6. Appreciate your strength and give yourself credit!

7. IMPORTANT: Speak out POSITIVE affirmations every morning and every night about yourself!

8. Quit waiting on the ideal conditions to do what you want to do-- DO YOU BOO! DO YOU!

9. Celebrate your accomplishments--even if some seem small to you. CELEBRATE YOU!

10. CELEBRATE your critics--The more criticism, the more VALUABLE you are, right? -- THAT'S RIGHT!

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Life for me is the smell of brewing coffee, the sound of rain hitting the roof or the feeling of it hitting your flesh, the guitar player just a few blocks down playing their heart out because they love playing so much, and the unexpected smile two people share when walking down the street. Life for me is finding out what makes you happy and pursing your dreams despite what others may say. Life for me is finding the love in yourself and appreciating each day you experience something fascinating, each day closer to finding your true self.

24. For me when I came into that age I began to realize that there is more to life than just the social insecurities that most people encounter. When I say, "social insecurities", I don't mean being afraid to talk to a person, I merely mean the comparisons a lot of us do when meeting new people or simply just relying on social media to guide us in our everyday lives. Now don't get me wrong there are A LOT of good influences in the world via social media and a lot of positive outlets. BUT there are just as many bad ones (if not more) that seem to get us thinking we're not good enough. I personally struggled with a big deal of insecurities due to failed relationships, rejection and social media. So I made this blog to simply instill/capture my confidence as a women and share my journey with people who are too still finding their selves as I find ME in the process. Let the fun begin!