The weeks here pass by so fast, it's crazy! Especially since I only have school Monday thru Wednesday. Don't think I could have got a better schedule than this! Anyways, I had a great Wednesday and Valentine's Day. Had two classes and after that I went down to State street where I met up with Linnea and just walked around. The mission was to find something red for the Valentine's party we were going to. At 18:00 we met up with Johanna and Sofie at Casa Blanca for a little Valentine's/roomie dinner! So nice and cozy to eat out all four of us together! I spend the rest of the evening on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory and talking to Julia on the phone (who's now in Australia)! We finally managed to match a good time to talk with the 19 hours time difference haha. 

I didn't really do much yesterday, spend the day trying to come up with ideas for a assignment I have in my television field production class. We have to shoot a 3-4 min long video called "My Reality" and I have had a such hard time coming up with my idea for my video. Besides from that I went grocery shopping and went to the Valentine's party down at La Brezza that Julia, Amanda and Aleyna hosted! Me and Linnea ended up going home pretty early, I was so tired and fell asleep around 23:00. It was a fun night though! Today there's not much going on. Made a perfect breakfast this morning with scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese, bacon and avocado toast. I have one word for you: YUM!! Planning on going out for a walk in a little bit before I start today's study session. Have some reading to do for Cine (which it feels like I always have to do haha) and then I'm going to write an outline for my reality video. This weekend is Presidents weekend, today's Lincoln's birthday and on Monday is Washington's birthday, which is also Presidents day (= school will be closed). So this is going to be an extra long weekend! 

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The struggle when it's too sunny outside while shooting and you can't see anything...

Some snapshot from my day.

Hi everyone! Finally things are starting to look up for me again. It turned out that I have strep throat (streptokocker) and I'm now taking antibiotics, so hopefully I'll be back to normal in a couple of days. I spent all day Saturday home in bed, switching between watching Netflix, sleeping and studying. Today was a much busier day though! Met up with Renate and Olivia around noon at La Playa stadium on campus to do our Cine assignment. The assignment was to play with exposure, focus and white balance while filming different 5 second clips. It took us much longer than expected to get all of the setting right and we ended up shooting for almost 4 hours. I took a little break when I got home before I started going thru the clips we shot. Seems like we are going to have re-shoot some of them. At least we know how to do all the settings next time, haha! In the evening me and Linnea decided to go down to the harbor at try out Go Go Sushi, a fairly cheap sushi-place we’ve heard about and wanted to try out for while now. I had some salmon, avocado and cucumber rolls with miso soup, yuuummmy! We’ve had a study-session in the living room ever since we got home, but soon it’s time to hit the bed. have one assignment to turn in this week and not too much reading to do. I have a feeling this week will be a good one!!



Warning: If you don’t feel like reading all my complaints about this week, don’t read this.

Ugh, this has been a really crappy week for me. Woke up Monday morning to a cold and foggy Santa Barbara, had a stressful day with classes and felt like I didn’t understand a thing we went over in class. On top of that my phone plan didn’t renew as it was supposed to so I couldn’t get a hold of anyone if I wasn’t near wifi. Started to get a sore throat that evening that still hasn’t gone away, in fact it has just gotten worse. Have barely gotten any sleep during the nights this week, which of course makes everything much worse. Stressed with recording an audio scene on Tuesday and getting our group together. Had a good television field production class though and after class Espinoza showed the movie Darkest Hour with Gary Oldman. He’s planning on showing different Oscar-nominated movies every Tuesday so we’re welcome to stay and watch. And who would I be to turn down to see great movies for free? Next week he’s showing Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I’ve heard it’s really good, so I can’t wait to see it!

Okay, let’s go on about my bad week. Wednesday we were turning in our mixed recordings after class (thankfully we got time to work on it during class time) but OF COURSE I didn’t get time to upload it, so I had to save everything to my hard drive and go over to the computer lab and turn it in from there instead. Well, then it turned out the file didn’t get properly saved so you couldn’t hear any audio at all. So I started all over again (which didn’t take too long), but made me turn in the assignment almost an hour later. Don’t know if I will get marked down on my grade for that, we’ll have to wait and see. But yeah, that sucks. In the Cine 1 we’re going to have a quiz coming up Monday, which I’m kind of nervous about. Even though I have done all the reading I still feel like I understand nothing. But hopefully I won’t fail the quiz on Monday… After school I took the bus downtown to go to AT&T and ask what was wrong up with my phone plan. It took forever to get an answer and they guy in the store called the AT&T phone support (something I could have done by myself) while he was playing a soccer game on his phone. I got so upset… Anyways, after everything finally had solved me and Linnea went to Abercrombie & Fitch to look for jeans for me. I was not in the mood at all, but I really needed a new pair of jeans and I walked out the store with two pairs! It was half off on all jeans, so I got two pair for around 75 dollars, which is about 600 kr. So nice!! In the evening we went to our first basketball game here at SBCC. It was a “Coaches vs. Cancer” game so all the money went to charity. Thursday I spend all day in bed, I have not been feeling well at all. Johanna suggested I should do some reading when I was bored so I read some of the cards that the kids at my job wrote to me before I left. That cheered me up (and made me really miss my job)! That of course have added to all the bad things this week. Feels like I have swallowed a golf ball or something, can’t really eat or do anything. In the evening me and Linnea went out to eat at Eureka, wasn’t feeling like cooking and it was nice to take a shower and get out of the house (that wouldn’t have happened otherwise). Today I’ve just been resting. Tried to study a bit but it didn’t really go well. Soon me, Linnea and Johanna are going downtown to get a manicure and pedicure. I’ve been wanting to get it for a while (it’s so much cheaper her than at home) and I thought I needed some cheering up. I will probably just stay in bed, trying to study all day tomorrow. And on Sunday I’m meeting two other Swedish girls who are in my Cine class, and we’re going to do an assignment that’s due Wednesday.

Well, I think that was all. My stress, sick and crappy week. I just hope this sore throat goes away before the weekend is over. I’m so tired of it, and so far there hasn’t been any progress. Hope that sleep, drinking lots of water and hot lemon/ginger/honey water will help with the ache. Anyways, hope your week has been much better than mine! Life over here in the paradise city of Santa Barbara might look perfect sometimes, but life catches up to you, wherever you live. Over and out!



Today I’ve been in Santa Barbara for more than a month, how crazy isn’t that? Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here for just 4 weeks, and only had two weeks of classes! Feels like I’ve lived here for like half a year or something. I’m happy though that it’s only been a month and I have much more time left before summer break, I have so many more things to do and explore around here.

Anyways, I’ve had a chill weekend. Thursday I started my day with a session with a personal trainer at the gym. We got a one hour session for free when we signed up at Gold’s! After my workout I did some errands while I was already down at State street and then I headed to school where I met up with Nathalie and finished editing a car commercial for my editing class. I spent the entire evening home alone watching a movie, it was so nice to just have some time for myself (which is kind of hard to get around here when you’re four people living in a tiny apartment haha). My study goal for Friday was to get some readying done for the following week, and since the weather was so nice (which is always is here in SB) I decided to go and sit outside on campus. How dreamy isn’t it to have to ocean and palm trees in front of you while you’re studying? In the evening me, Linnea and Johanna were all too lazy to cook so we ordered pizza and brownies. Saturday I met up with Beatrice and Levi and walked downtown to watch the Writers panel at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. It was so interesting to hear what they had to say about their different writing processes, how they became screenwriters and the movies/tv shows they been working on. The writers on the panel were: Edgar Wright (Baby Driver), Virgil Williams (Mudbound), Michael H. Weber (The Disaster Artist), Vansessa Taylor (The Shape of Water), Adrian Molina (Coco), Liz Hannah (The Post) and Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick). Some of the movies are nominated for Oscars, like The Shape of Water that is nominated to 13 Academy Awards!! It was really cool to listen to them speak, and I’m so happy we went. Afterwards we met up with Morten and decided to get something to eat so we went to Eureka! It was such a great and fun day. Sunday morning I moved from my bed out to the couch to watch Melodifestivalen, and then I basically stayed on the couch the entire day, haha. That was until Johanna and Linnea were going to Ralphs to get some groceries and I decided to join. Figured I should get out of the house at some point that day! In the evening me and Sofie had a study session in the living room and when we were done we watched a movie and had dinner. A very cozy end of the week!

Now it's a new week, and new things to do. We have an audio recording assignment for my production sound class that's due Wednesday so we have to get our group together for that. Now it's time to eat some lunch before I need to go to my Cine-class. Hope you all will have a great week!



Hej nära och kära! Då jag har så fullt upp under veckorna tänkte jag underlätta livet lite för mig själv och börja skriva helt på engelska på bloggen. Sparar väldigt mycket tid istället för att behöva skriva samma inlägg i princip två gånger! Skulle det vara så att man tycker det är jobbigt att läsa allt på engelska så har jag smidigt nog en google translate-knapp under min profilbild i sidomenyn. Kram!

Hello everyone! So Sofie thought I should make my life easier and instead of writing my posts in both Swedish and English I should just write them all in English. Yay or nay? Since it’s a new month I was thinking I would just start right away. New month, “new me”, haha. And I would guess most of you who read my blog also understand English, so thought why not? It will for sure save me a lot of time! Anyways, since I have had so much to the past weeks I thought I would give you an update on how my first real week of school went! Just as I thought was “busy as a bee” all week.

Monday: I started my first day of school with Production sound at 8:00. I hate so many butterflies in my stomach when I walked to school, and I barely got any sleep that night because I was so anxious. The first class of production sound was alright, we started right away with going over a bunch of technical stuff and I did not understand a thing… At 13:00 I was back at school for crashing Cinematography 1. The class was already full and we were about 7 or more people who was trying to crash the class… So DaVega just told us to come back for Wednesday’s class and still try to crash. At 17:00 I went back to school for the last class my first day, Non-linear Editing. I was just as nervous for my third class as I was for my first! Class got dismissed sometime between 20:30-21:00 and I was done with the first day! It felt so good and all the butterflies were gone.

Tuesday: I got up at the same time as Johanna (she starts at 8 Tuesday, Thursday and I start at 8 on Monday, Wednesday…) and headed to the Campus store to get my class literature. Better to get up early and get in done in the morning rather than having to stand in the longest line ever to get my books. After I was done with that I headed back home, had some breakfast and went to sleep for another hour! I spent the rest of the day reading in my Cine 1 book before I had to get to class at 17:00, Television field production. We just had a short introduction for about an hour and then we got to go home early. I was expecting to not be done until 19, so that was nice!

Wednesday: I had production sound in the morning and we got our first assignment, to calibrate monitors/speakers at home. Didn’t understand at all why or how I was doing that, but I can now proudly say that I both know how to do it and why! It did take me a lot of work though and the homework which was about to take like 20 min took me three days… Since my computer’s speakers aren’t good I couldn’t calibrate at the levels I was supposed to, and I spent two days trying 6 different ways to do it. No one can’t say I didn’t put the effort in, haha! At 13:00 I was back trying to crash cinematography again, and in the end of the class he told us that everyone who tried to crash both Monday and Wednesday were in and I got my add-code! Felt so nice not having to worry about that anymore. And after my Cine-class I was done with all my classes for the week! In the afternoon I met up with Beatrice and we went for a walk at the Shoreline park.

Thursday & Friday: So I had made a great plan about getting my assignments done and do some reading for the following week, but nothing went as planned… I spent all day Thursday trying to complete the calibration assignment, which you didn’t work. After many hours of struggling I went outside for a walk and cleared my head. Friday I continued with the audio assignment and tried to start with my assignment for Cine 1. In the afternoon me and Linnea went downtown and got a membership at Gold’s Gym. I’m so excited to finally be a member at a gym here, since I’m used to working out at least twice a week it has been feeling really weird not having a gym to go to here. We did a quick workout, headed home and got ready to head back downtown with Johanna, Sofie, Rikke and Mille to eat out! It was so nice not having to cook and just enjoy the good company.

Saturday: I woke up and took it pretty slow in the morning, kept trying to work on the audio assignment and another assignment. Did some studying (you might start to wonder if I ever do anything else than studying haha) and in the evening we took our plates, forks and knifes (the life in student apartments when you don’t have enough plates for your guests haha) over to the twins, Nathalie and Caroline for a barbeque! Since they have the only apartment with a small garden, they’re the only ones who can grill at our apartment complex. It was so much fun and after some good food we headed down to Ortega to a party! The best thing about partying in America is that the parties usually ends around midnight, which I don’t mind at all, since that means I’m usually home in my bed around 00:30!

Sunday: Woke up, finished the calibration assignment and decided to go to Starbucks to finish my other assignment. Made a pact with myself not to leave until I was done with what I had to get done. The assignment was to create an Image reference book with 14 images/photographs that inspire us and shortly explain why. Easier said than done… Got super hungry when I was about half way done so I decided to go home and eat. On my way home I ran in to Linnea and Sofie who we’re going to The Habit to eat some burgers, so I joined them. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening finishing up the last homework and got some reading done.

A golden start to who ever who actually managed to finish reading this, haha. Feels like half an essay! Well, well that was my first week of school. This week haven’t been that different, I’ve gone to class, hit the gym and studied. Tomorrow I’m going to get the last studying done so I can be free for rest of the weekend. This weekend is kind of special here in SB, it’s the Santa Barbara International Film Festival! Me and Beatrice are trying to plan to go see one of the movies, we have to take the opportunity while we can! I hope you all will have a nice weekend :)



På väg hem från San Francisco bestämde vi (dvs. jag, eftersom jag var den som körde) att ta Highway 1 och köra ut till den vackra kuststaden Monterey! Jag besökte Monterey för ca 4 1/2 år sedan när jag och min familj gjorde vår Kalifornien-resa sommaren 2013, så det var riktigt kul att komma tillbaka. Vi parkerade bilen nere vid hamnen och gick längst med Cannery Row ner till Monterey Bay Aquarium där vi stod och kollade på vågorna och knäppte några bilder. Vi hade bara tillräckligt med mynt för att betala för en timmes parkering, så det blev verkligen ett kort stopp. Men kul att se att allt var sig likt fem år senare! De hade till och med samma gulliga glaserade kakor som såg ut som hajar, valar, sjöhästar och bläckfiskar. Johanna tycker jag ska åka tillbaka till Monterey om fem år igen och se om de har kvar samma kakor, haha! Länk på lite bilder från Monterey 2013 hittar ni här.

On our way home from San Francisco I decided to take Highway 1 instead of the 101 South and drive out to Monterey! Last time I was there was 4 ½ years ago when we went on our California roadtrip with my family 2013. This time we parked the car at the harbor and then walked along the Cannery Row all the way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we just enjoyed the beautiful view and took a few pictures. Since we didn’t have so many coins we could only afford an hour of parking, but it was a perfect pitch stop to get out, stretch our left and get some fresh air before we headed back to Santa Barbara! If you want to see pictures from last time I was in Monterey you can find them here .



Ser den här vyn över bergen varje dag när jag går till skolan, hur fantastiskt är inte det??

En del av er undrar säkert vad det är jag egentligen pluggar här på Santa Barbara City Collge så jag tänkte skriva ett inlägg och förklara vilka kurser jag tar den här terminen. Mitt mål med det här året är att jobba mot att få ett certifikat inom film och tv produktion som STS har tagit fram i samarbete med SBCC. Så här kommer mina veckor se ut under våren:

I’m sure some of you wonder what classes I’m taking this semester, so I thought I’d write a little blog post about it! My goal for this year is to take a certificate in film & tv production that STS has come up with together with my school, SBCC. This is what my weeks will look like this spring!

Production sound - måndag & onsdag - 8:00-10:20 med Stephen DaVega

I den här kursen kommer vi lära oss olika tekniker och processer när det kommer till inspelning av produktionsljud vid olika platser och studioinspelning. Vi kommer även få testa på att använda olika sorters utrustning så vi vet hur inspelning med olika mikrofoner fungerar. Vi kommer bland annat få jobba med dialoger, voice-over, ljudeffekter och synkronisering, inspelning och redigering från digitalt ljud till bild, med mera. Känns som den här kursen kommer bli väldigt utmanande men det ska bli rolig att få testa på att spela in med olika mikrofoner både i studio och på andra platser. DaVega har varnat oss om att vi bara kommer gå igenom en massa tekniska saker de 3-4 första veckorna som vi förmodligen inte kommer förstå något av alls. Men efter det så kommer vi få börja testa all utrustning!

This class focuses on the techniques, processes, and equipment of production sound including location and studio recording. It also covers dialogue, atmosphere, room tone, Foley, ADR, voice over, sound effects, and the synchronization, recording and editing of digital audio to picture. It going to be really interesting to learn how to record with different microphones and other equipment. The first 3-4 weeks is only going to be all technical lectures and after that we will actually try the things out. It’s a bit challenging in the beginning since there’s a lot of technical terms I don’t even know the translation to in Swedish, but I’ll just have to put in some extra work now in the beginning to try to keep up!

Cinematography 1 - måndag & onsdag - 13:00-15:20 med Stephen DaVega

Det här är alltså kursen som jag lyckades crasha till min stora glädje! Klassen var redan full och vi var ca 7 pers som försökte få en plats så efter första lektionen bad DaVega oss komma tillbaka på onsdagen också om det var så att vi verkligen ville ta kursen. Då jag var en av dem som både dök upp på måndagen och onsdagen fick jag i slutet av lektionen en add-code så att jag kunde lägga till kursen online. Så skönt! I Cinematography 1 kommer vi få en introduktion till hur man filmar med olika videokameror och hur man löser tekniska och estetiska problem med studio och "location shooting". De tekniska problemen kommer vara hur man använder/filmar med digitala vs. analoga kameror, linser och olika bandformat, belysning osv. Det estetiska kommer fokusera på hur man använder ljus, färg och skuggor för att skapa ett lämpligt utseende eller känsla för en scen. Liknande med production sound kursen kommer vi de första veckorna ha en massa genomgångar innan vi kommer få börja jobba och testa all utrustning. Hitills har vi börjat kolla på en dokumentär om filmhistoria och kollat klipp från olika filmer och fått analysera de scener vi sett, vad de kan betyda längre in i filmen, vad vi får för känsla osv. DaVegas mål är att "förstöra" all underhållning och göra så att vi istället tänker "wow vilken bra film, varför var den så bra?" eller tvärtom. Av alla mina kurser känner jag att den här kommer bli svårast, i alla fall när det kommer till analyserings delen. Verkar som om många i kursen tidigare läst FS101 - Introduction till film studies där man får lära sig det estetiska, historiska och olika filmningstekniker genom tiderna. Den kursen hade varit riktigt bra att ha i bagaget, men jag får köra på det jag har (dvs. inte så mycket, men får nog ägna lite extra tid att läsa på lite). Kul kommer det ändå bli!

This is the class I happily was able to crash! I showed up for the first class Monday and we were about 7 students I think who wanted to add the class. So DaVega told us that if we really wanted to add the class we had to show up Wednesday too, but that nothing was really sure. Luckily I was one of those who showed up both days who in the end of the class got an add-code so I could join the class! In the Cinmematography 1 class we will get an introduction to video camera operation and lighting, covering technical and aesthetic issues of studio and location shooting. Technical issues include digital and analog video cameras, lenses and tape formats, lighting and grip equipment. Aesthetic topics focus on using composition, color, light and shadow to create an appropriate look and feel for a scene. I have a feeling this will be my hardest class when it comes to analyzing different scenes. It seems like a lot of the other students have taken FS101 – Introduction to film studies where you learn the aesthetics, history and different filming techniques. DaVegas goal is to ruin the entertainment of movies and instead make us feel “wow this movie was amazing, why was it so good?” and be able to analyze it ourselves.

Non-linear editing 1 - måndag - 17:00-22:05 med Stephen DaVega

Japp, jag har samma lärare i tre kurser. Lite tråkigt att inte ha fler än två lärare den här terminen, men ändå bra då vi förhoppningsvis då han ibland inflikar små kommentarer som är hjälpsamma i mina andra kurser. Det finns fler lärare som jobbar under film & tv-området på SBCC, jag lovar! Så va inte orolig om du också är intresserad av att läsa film & tv produktion men inte vill ha samma lärare i princip alla dina kurser haha. I Non-linear editing kursen kommer vi i alla fall få lära oss redigera i olika program som Final Cut, Premier, etc. Målet är att vi ska kunna redigera i så många program som möjligt som man faktiskt använder när man jobbar med film och tv i verkligheten. Vi kommer lära oss basic redigeringstekniker som att klippa, skapa övergångar, lägga till och ändra ljud, lägga till text, filter och effekter med mera. Det vill säga hela processen från att sortera källmaterial till att redigera och göra färdiga kortfilmer.

Då det här är en kvällskurs som jag bara har en gång i veckan kommer det bli en hel del eget arbete under veckorna för att göra färdigt uppgifterna vi får att jobba med. Eftersom lektionen är 5 timmar lång så har vi en middags-paus runt 18 i ungefär 30-45 min innan vi sen fortsätter köra på! Är väldigt taggad på den här kursen. Det ska bli kul att äntligen få lära sig redigera "ordentligt" eller hur jag nu ska förklara det!

Yes, I have the same teacher in three out of my four classes. Kind of boring to only have two teachers this semester, but also kind of nice since DaVega sometimes says or comment things that is good to know for our other classes with him. It’s always good to get a little extra! In this editing class we will learn the overview of desktop non-linear video editing, including acquiring digital video and combining and editing source material to create complete digital movies. Topics include basic editing techniques; cuts and transitions; adding and altering audio; titling; keying and transparency; and applying filters and effects. We will work in different editing program such as Final Cut, Premier, etc. so that we know how to do basic editing in as many programs as possible. Since this is a class I only have once a week I’ll gave to get a lot of extra work done outside of class. But I don’t mind, editing is so much fun!

Television field production - tisdag - 17:00-22:05 med Juan Espinoza

Det här är kursen som jag är mest taggad på! Juan verkar vara en toppenlärare med så mycket erfarenhet att dela med sig av. Han jobbar egentligen som kameraman och har lärarjobbet på SBCC som extra jobb. Hans karriär började med att filma för lokala nyhetsstationer men har sedan gått vidare till att bland annat filma från krigen i Irak och Syrien, filma nyhetsklipp för CBS, CNN med flera, och filma från röda mattan på Oscars-galan. Hur coolt är inte allt det?! I kursen kommer vi få lära oss att jobba inom TV-fältproduktion, dvs det Juan jobbar med dagligen, med allt från produktion, styrning, skriva manus, utförande, produktionstillverkning, fältbelysning, produktionsdesign och post-production (efterproduktion). Under terminens gång kommer vi få göra ett studie besök till en tv-station, lyssna på olika gästföreläsare och få göra olika övningar där vi övar på att skapa tv-inspelning på plats. Låter verkligen så spännande och kul!

This is the class I am most excited for! Juan seems like a great teacher with a lot of real-life experience to teach us. In the class we will learn how to work in television field production, including producing, directing, scriptwriting, performing, production crewing, field lighting, production design and post-production. Through basic field exercises and productions, students become familiar with the tools of the medium and the protocols and processes involved in the creation of television programming on location. Juan has also envited a lot of guest lectures and is planning a field-trip to a tv-station somewhere in the area. Can't wait, it all sounds so exciting!



För att ta oss runt i SF hela dagen så köpte vi en Muni-day pass så vi kunde åka tunnelbana och buss för att ta oss runt. Perfekt eftersom det regnade så mycket! När vi kom fram till Golden Gate bron öste verkligen regnet ner och självklart var det super dimmigt och svårt att se (som det ofta är in San Francisco). Först kunde vi inte alls se bron från en av utkiksplatserna, vilket var väldigt skrattretande... Men så fort vi började promenera ut på bron så tornade den upp sig i dimman. Tror vi gick typ en tredje del av den 3 km långa bron innan jag och Johanna vände och gick tillbaka till de andra tjejerna som hade gått och satt sig på ett café för att värma sig. Efter vi värmt upp oss ett tag bestämde vi för att splittra på oss och jag och Johanna fortsatte vidare i SF!

Första stoppet för mig och Johanna blev Ghirardelli Square. Efter ganska mycket beslutsångest lyckades vi till slut bestämma vad för choklad vi ville köpa och beställde även en banana split som vi delade på, mums! Köpte med mig en stor påse blandad med olika Ghirardelli sorter med många av mina favoriter. Kommer passa perfekt som plugg motivation! Från bordet där vi satt och mumsade i oss vår glass (ohhh myy goood så god!!) såg vi Alcatraz och några crazy people som simmade i hamnen. Såg lite för kallt ut för min smak...

När glassen var uppäten tog vi oss vidare till en av USA och San Francisco's mest kända krokiga gator: Lombard Street. Även fast det var regnigt om dimmigt hade vi en otroligt cool vy över stan! Vi tänkte först att ta en cable car upp till Lombard Street men det verkade som de hade något tekniskt strul så alla cable cars på Powell St/Hyde St stod stilla. Så det blev att gå upp för de branta gatorna istället. Superjobbigt men väldigt bra träning för benen, haha!

Matchade så bra med fasaden på huset så Johanna tyckte vi skulle stanna och ta lite kort, tack för det!

Efter att vi gått ner för Lombard Street fortsatte vi vidare ner mot Fisherman's Wharf och Pier 39! Självklart började vi med att gå ut vid dock K och kollade på sjö lejonen. De var många många fler än på bilden jag tog, säkert runt 30-40 stycken! Tycker det är så häftigt att se vilda djur så nära i det fria istället för på zoo. Vissa lekte runt i vattnet, brottades medan vissa låg och stensov. Ute vid Pier 39 kom de andra tjejerna och mötte upp oss och vi åt middag på restaurangen Pier Market. Medan tjejerna mumsade i sig lax och musslor (såg så gott ut!) fick det bli spicy buffallo wings för min del. Suger verkligen att vara fisk och skaldjursallergier, speciellt när man besöker en stad som San Francisco! När all mat var uppäten och notan betald var vi för trötta för att göra något annat så vi tog en Uber till stationen på Powell Street och tog tåget tillbaka till hotellet. Är så nöjd med det vi hann se i San Francisco och trots det dåliga vädret blev det en väldigt lyckad roadtrip!

Part 2! After our amazing second breakfast at the Bean Bag Café we took the bus out to the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately because of the bad weather we first couldn’t see much of the famous bridge until we started to walk out on it. I’ve only driven in a car over the bridge before so it was so much fun to actually walk a part of it! After almost a good hour out by the Golden Gate we decided to split the group and me and Johanna decided to go to the Ghirardelli Square. Of course we each bought some of the good Ghirardelli chocolate and ordered a banana split that we shared. Soooo good and delicious! When we were finished with our ice cream we decided to head up to Lombard Street. At first we decided to take a cable car instead of walking, but OF COURSE the cable cars weren’t working so we had to walk up those steep streets… It took us a good 15 minutes to walk up to the beginning of Lombard Street! From the top of the street we enjoyed the pretty view over San Francisco before we headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf. After a quick photo session by the sign we walked out to Pier 39 and the K dock to look at the quite (and smelly) sea lions! The other girls came and met us at the pier and we went to a restaurant called Pier Market for dinner. While the girls all enjoyed some great seafood I had some good spicy buffalo wings (it sucks to be allergic to all kinds of seafood). When the bill was payed we decided to head back to the hotel which was nice since my shoes and socks were completely wet… I had a great time in San Fran and I’m so glad I got to go back there before school started!



Wiieee imorgon börjar jag i skolan!! Jag har så sjukt mycket fjärilar i magen och är så spänd. Undrar verkligen om jag kommer lyckas sova nog i natt? Pratar just nu med mamma på FaceTime och försöker lugna mina nerver. Min första kurs, Production sound, börjar redan vid 8 på morgonen. Därefter ska jag försöka "crasha" kursen Cinematography vid 13, och sen har jag min sista måndagskurs, Non-linear Editing, vid 17. Kommer vara "busy as a bee" som de säger här i USA!

Min helg efter vår San Francisco-roadtrip har rullat på så fort. I lördags hann vi testa på att tvätta här för första gången (skönt, nu vet vi hur det fungerar med betalning osv), Linnea och jag handlade mat för totalt 200 dollar och på kvällen var vi på fest hos några andra STS:are i lägenhetsområdet La Brezza. Idag, söndag, tog jag mig en ordentlig sovmorgon, åt frukost framför tv:n, tog en nap, duschade och gick iväg och handlade lite saker som jag behöver till skolan med Linnea. Nu tror jag att jag har läget under kontroll när det kommer till pennor, sudd, pärmar, block osv! Väskan är packad inför imorgon och kläderna ligger framme, så trots att jag inte känner mig redo för det här så lite redo är jag trots allt. Let the real adventure begin!

Tuesday jan 23: Totally forgot to write in English… I was just too tired and nervous when I wrote this post Sunday night. But here we go instead! I had a really good weekend before school started. Saturday we all did our laundry and me and Linnea went to the grocery store and bought food for 200 dollars… Well well, at least I don’t have to buy groceries for at least two weeks! In the evening we all went to a party in La Brezza, which is another apartment complex where other STS students live (STS is the organization I’m doing my study abroad year with). Sunday I slept in, had breakfast in front of the TV, took a nap, took a shower and me and Linnea went to the 99 Cents Only Store and got some school supplies! 




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