Hej där! 

Mina föräldrar är skilda och förra veckan, när jag var hos pappa, lyckades jag ta med fel dator till mamma, jag råkade ta min brors eftersom dom ser exakt likadana ut, så jag har inte kunnat skriva något på berättelsen då jag har det sparat på min egen. Så förlåt för det, men skolan har ju börjat och jag har inte haft tid att hämta den. Men jag ska skriva lite nu ikväll innan jag lägger mig för att sova runt 10. Imorgon är det en ny dag med skola och stall och jag måste upp senast kl 5… Ugh, tåget går 6.41, så tagga tåg i 1,5 timme då :)) Men vi hörs säkert imorgon efter skolan, ska försöka få ut en del imorgon och sen en på torsdag, men vi får se hur det blir när den dagen kommer. 

Men då säger jag god natt och tack för mig, så hörs vi imorgon!


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After my little break down on the phone with Adam, he got to my house quicker than you could say his name, sort of. I was still in bed with my mom right next to me, when he arrived. We heard the front door open and close with such a power that we thought the whole house would collapse.

”Melody!” Adam yelled the moment he got inside. He started searching for me downstairs and my mom decided to go get him, since I couldn't move out of shock.
”Adam, she's in her room” I heard her say to him with her broken voice.

”What's going on?” Adam asked confused as my mom, whose name is Monica by the way, lead him upstairs to my room.

”Oh my gosh, Mel” Adam almost yelled and ushered over to my bedside. I was still laying there on top of my cream white covers, the tears still flowing, but I didn't make a sound, I was completely silent, just staring right up at the ceiling. When I didn't react to his voice, he put his hand behind my head and lifted it up, making me face him.

”Melody, what's going on?” he asked me, clearly wanting an answer.

”He's dead” I stuttered and even though I knew I already said that, I couldn't get any other words out of my mouth.

”You already told me that. Who's dead, Melody?” he looked up at my mom, looking for answers.

”Josh was in a terrible car accident” my mother said. Her face twisting in pain as she said his name. My dad, Josh, had been my one and only hero for as long as I can remember. I always went to him with my problems and he always found a way to solve them, even though it looked pretty bad. He was also the one who helped me with exercising, he was like my personal trainer (He didn't really want me to change, but when he saw how bad I felt, he agreed to do it. But only as long as I didn't over do it).

”What? When? How? I'm so sorry, Monica” he said, standing up to give her a hug.

”He was on his way home from a business trip in Oregon when a truck hit him hard. The doctors said it was instant...” She started crying again before she could finish and Adam just hugged her. He didn't say anything, he just hugged her and let her cry until she finally got it back together. She had to be strong. She had to be strong for me. For Adam. 

My dad was like a father to Adam, they could talk about anything without any problems. When we were little, Adams dad died in lung cancer and my parents quickly took in Adam as a part of the family. I mean, he had his mom, but she had to work double shifts to be able to get food on the table and a roof on top of their heads, so my parents let Adam stay the night pretty often, and that is why he was like my brother. We didn't have a guest room, so we decided he'd just sleep in my bed, no big deal, right? Well, that changed as we grew older. I started getting more mature and he took up almost all the place. So my mom bought an extra mattress so that he could sleep on my floor instead, even though I made him move over to my bed when I had nightmares. So I guess that's why we're so close now.

”I'll let you two talk” mom said and left the room to make some food before we had to go to the hospital.

When she left, I felt Adam's hand on my upper arm.

”It was awful, you know. When dad died. Even though we knew it was going to happen sooner or later, it came like a complete shock. I was so sad, I don't think I ate for days. But it got better. You helped me through it. You didn't let me ruin my life by just staying in bed for weeks. And that's what I'm gonna do now. I know it's hard and I understand that you need to prosess this, but soon enough, you're simply gonna have to leave your room and see other people. Maybe even eat again” he stopped to wipe my tears for the third time in two minutes and then continued.

”I'm here for you, Mel. I'm really sorry. But I promise it will get easier. This isn't something you get over, you'll just learn how to deal with it and remember the good parts, when he was still here, making jokes and cooking his delicious lasagna. And I will be here the whole way to help you through it” he finished and squeezed my hand.

”Thank you-” I whispered and stood up to hug him. I didn't trust my voice enough to say anything, so I just went on with the whispering thing.

”For always being there for me” I smiled. For the first time since the message tonight, I smiled.

I looked around the room, it seemed much darker now. The mint blue wall over by the door and the cream white panel with posters of different celebrities on. My bed was big, but not big enough for the both of us, with soft covers and lots of throw pillows on. On my right nightstand, I had my mint blue night lamp and a glass of water. On the left one, I had my alarm clock and phone charger, along with a picture of me and Adam together. It was a year ago, on his birthday. We were both laughing towards the camera – a polaroid. That day was the happiest day in my life, I was with him the whole day; I was the one who woke him up and I was the one who saw him drift off to sleep in his bed, before i went home to my own bed.

”Hey- why isn't Nate here?” Adam asked, his blue eyes lighting up with curiousity and nervousness, though I didn't understand why he would be nervous.

”To be completely honest here, I couldn't deal with him. The only person I knew would understand, is you” I answered, looking directly into his magical eyes. He bit his lip piercing and nodded slowly as he wiped away a single tear escaping from my eye.

”I know this is probably a little inappropriate and out of subject, but what's going on between you two? I can feel it, you get all tense every time someone brings him up” Adam said. I was actually glad he changed the subject to get something else on my mind, I just wished he hadn't picked Nate. My fingers started trembling and I fickled with my hair just to do something. There was no way out of this and I knew it, but at the same time, I trusted Adam and I wanted to tell him everything – it wasn't really much to tell, though.

”Melody, I know you. I can see that this tortures you and I hate to see you suffer like this, just because some boy-”

”He's not just some boy!” I argued, but deep down, I knew it was true. He was just a boy and I was just a girl.

”You know what I mean. But anyway, you can tell me, you know. It's okay” he said and his eyes were just kind of looking at me with such intensity that I ended up telling him the whole story, from start to stop. After I was finished pouring my heart out to him, my mom called on us and we ate dinner, she had made lasagna to honor dad and we all cried while eating it, even Adam. After our meal, mom sent Adam home and we went to the hospital to do some paperwork and see dad one last time, before we had to go home and start thinking about his funeral. I called Nate as soon as we got home and told him about the accident and what we were planning to do next. I also told him that I needed a few days, maybe a week or two, to pull myself together and try to get on with my life and then spent that time with Adam. He stayed with me for the whole week – dad died on monday and he stayed until sunday. The first night with Adam on my floor, I cried so much in sleep that my mom even agreed to let Adam sleep in my bed – with me, so I could get some real sleep. For some reason, I didn't cry, I didn't even have nightmares or dreams, when I had Adam next to me throughout the night, holding me and protecting me, which got me thinking about my relationship with Nate. I had never felt as safe with him as I did with Adam and I got this tingling sensation everytime Adam hugged me or touched me in any way.

But I was in love with Nate, right?


Förlåt för mitt lilla försvinnande efter första delen, men jag har nyss varit i fjällen i Norge och det fanns inget nät där, inte ens 3G. Så jag blev tvungen att vänta tills vi kom hem för att lägga ut nästa del. Men nu är jag hemma igen och kommer inte försvinna på en stund, så stay tuned! Ska börja skriva del 3 imorgon efter att vi har lämnat min lillebror i skolan (han börjar redan i 7an, herregud min lilla baby börjar bli stor ju, det var inte länge sen han gick i 1an, känns det som iallafall :P), så skriver jag sen när vi kommer hem därifrån igen. Sen blir det gymnasiet på onsdag och då blir det tåg fram och tillbaka 3 timmar varje dag, som betyder att jag har tid att skriva då. Men nu måste jag lägga mig, så vi hörs!




''Nathalie, STÅ UPP NU!'' hörde jag från under våningen.. en helvetes ton från min plast-mamma... fyfan.. de e det sista jag vill höra precis på morgonen.. hon kan gå och dö..
''NATHALIE! STÅ UPP NU DÅ FÖRFAN!'' utbrast hon 5 minuter senare..
''Jaa! Jag kommer!! tade lugnt!!'' skrek jag tillbaks och satte mig försiktigt upp

Hej, det är då jag som är Nathalie.. Nathalie Wenthtown, 17½ år. Jag har Mörkblond hår, blåa ögon, helt okej kropp egentligen, och jag är nöjd med mig själv, jag bryr mig inte om vad alla andra tycker om mig.. finns ju en anledning varför gud skapade mig så här.. för ingen ska vara lika! inte för att jag tror på gud eller så men ni fattar va jag menar!

Minna biologiska föräldrar kommer ifrån England, så det förklarar mitt efternamn, Det hände något med deras släkt så att vi hamnade i fara, så dom lämnade mig på barnhem där jag blev skickad till Katarina.. Min plast-mamma...en sur jävla kärring som gör mitt liv till en mardröm... men jag bryr mig inte, För jag har mina underbara bästa kompisar, Elin och Melissa! jag är den som sitter i mitten

Jag har ju många andra i skolan som vill umgås med mig och mina tjejer, vi sägs att vara dom ''populära'' tjejerna i skolan.. för att vi antagligen säger vad vi tycker, bryr oss inte om andra, kör vårt lilla egna race, kaxiga, tuffa, coola med mera. Och jag har världens underbaraste pojkvän också, Jacob han är min bad boy.. han är som oss, kör vårt lilla egna race, och så har vi Brad, Melissas kille, och Simon, Elins kille. vi är sex stycken i gänget, det ''populära'' gänget. Som när vi går i korridoren, så flyger alla mot väggen för att det ska ge plats åt oss.. när vi inte har någonstans att sitta i matsalen så räcker det med att vi bara stirrar på någon så flyr dom direkt.

Men...bakom allt det.. så är mitt liv inte så perfekt som alla tror.. För det första så lider jag av en sjukdom som sitter i magen, så jag får lätt magont och kan knappt äta, men det är inte det värsta, det värsta är att jag får slag varje dag av min plast-mamma och blir utslängd ur huset ett  par gånger i veckan, Men jag döljer det, ingen vet om det, förutom Jacob.

Jag ställde mig vingligt upp, det va en tuff söndags kväll igår med en grym fest.. men jag tror det inte var värt det, ush va jag mår dåligt! Jag gick till garderoben för att se efter lite kläder. Jag tog fram ett par ljus-blåa shorts, en vit t-shirt med en mun på, mina solglasögon och lite smycken., jag gick sedan till toan för att platta mitt hår samt sminka mig, När jag var klar med håret och sminket så tog jag på mig kläderna jag hade valt.

Jag gick ner till undervåningen där köket befann sig, Jag gick in och rakt mot kylskåpet där Katarina stod.
''Ska du verkligen ha på dig dedär? du ser ut som en hora!'' utbrast hon och flinade, jag orkade inte svara så jag bara skakade på huvudet och gick därifrån, jag köper något i affären istället på väg till skolan. Jag kände det vibrera i bakfickan, min mobil! jag tog upp den och såg ett sms, från min bejb! *Hej gullet, jag hämtar upp dig om 5 min* jag skickade bara 3 hjärtan som svar och log.
''Ska du få skjuts av han där Jacob?'' frågade Kristina, jag suckade till.
''Aah!'' svarade jag lite kort, sen hörde jag att hon började skratta lite snabbt.
''det där förhållandet kommer inte hålla länge tills han får veta att du inte är bra i sängen!'' sa hon och retades.
''Vafan är det för fel på dig?!??'' utbrast jag och tog på mig mina bruna pumps skor.
''din senaste pojkvän du hade för 5 veckor sedan dumpade ju dig för att inte inte ville...'' kom hon till men hann inte säga färdigt innan jag exploderade.
''Håll käften din jävla kärring!!! ÅÅH!!'' skrek jag och slängde en sko in mot köket där hon va, Tog på mig min svarta skinnjacka, och stormade ut från dörren. och där på parkeringen såg jag Jacob, Jag fick fort ett smile på läpparna när jag såg han och sprang för att ge han en stor kram. Han kysste mig vild på munnen och jag slängde mig på mopeden bakom honom.
''Komigen bejb! nu sticker vi till helvetet (skolan)'' utbrast han och kollade på mig, med ett charmigt ansiktsuttryck.
''Keey!'' svarade jag och höll hårt i hans skinnjacka. 

Jacob har mörkbrunt hår, och.. jao, han ser helt enkelt ut som en BAD boy! de e allt, han e skit läcker!!

Men ibland kan han vara så jobbig, och för tuff mot folk.. det senaste han har gjort är att han tryckte ner Franklin's huvud i maten i matsalen för att han råkade spilla lite mjölk framför Jacobs fot, Men han kommer alltid vara min bejb! min läckra, sexiga bejb! och jag kommer alltid att älska honom!

Vi åkte mot skolan, jag kände hur vinden drogs genom mitt hår, ingen av oss hade hjälm, pfft! vilka töntar har det? Hahaha.
När vi kom fram till skolan så hoppade jag av, desamma gjorde Jacob, han tog nyckeln och tog armen runt mig
''ska du inte låsa din moped?'' frågade jag med ett stor frågetecken över huvudet.
''Låsa mopeden? nejj! ingen kommer sno den ändå, för ingen kommer våga!'' Sa han och släppte taget om mig med ett flin.

Och där är mina bitchar! mina bästa kompisar!
''Tjaaaa'' ropade jag och joggade mot dem, vi kramade om varandra med ett stort brett leende. vi höll armkrok med varandra, bakom oss gick Jacob, Brad och Simon.
Jag kollade på klockan 10:00 en halvtimme försenade.. Men vem bryr sig? vi gick rakt in i klassrummet med noll respekt, jag satte mig ner med Melissa, bakom satt brad och jacob, framför oss satt Elin och Simon, alla stirrade på oss och sen på läraren, vi blev tysta..
''förlåt oss fröken..'' sa jacob med ett ironiskt flin.
''Det är inte okej att bara storma in här som hulleganer!!! visa respekt för er klass!!'' utbrast Läraren Birgitta, vi blev tysta och kollade på varandra..
''Bra! då är det så att vi ska få en ny i klassen! Ta och välkommna Eric!'' sa hon och in kom en lång solbrun kille med brunt hår och ljus-bruna ögon, han var faktiskt rätt så söt! tänkte jag för mig själv med ett leende mot honom.

''Hej, Jag är ju då Eric, Eric Stone, Och jag älskar musik, det är liksom det viktigaste om mig, och jag är singel sååå, here you go girls!'' sa han och små flina, Birgitta som stod bredvid såg så förtjust ut,  han gick sedan och satte sig bänken bredvid mig.
''Tja!'' sa han och vände blicken mot mig, jag kollade på honom, granskade honom med ett leende
''Heej!'' svarade jag därefter och bakom mig satt Jacob med världens mord blick.



It hurt. Looking at him hurt. Everytime my eyes landed on his perfect face, his perfect features, it hurt. It hurt because he was my boyfriend and had been that for a year and a half now. It hurt because I  he would soon enough realize that he could get anyone in a blink of an eye, anyone better than me. And that scared me, knowing that he could suddenly just turn against me and drop me like a water balloon on a hot summer day, except that was for fun, this was not.

You're probaby wondering who the hell I am and who the hell I'm talking about. Well, I'm Melody Harver and Nathaniel Fritz is the perfect guy I'm talking about, my well-known, precious little boyfriend. We're both in high school, I'm turning 16 this year and he's already 17. Nate is the most popular guy at our school. Every girl here drools over him whenever he walks by, even the college girls in town knows who he is. Everyone loves him; he plays football, basket at home, he's on the swimteam just for fun, he's been homecoming king every year since he got here, and he has a thing for charity. And there you have the perfect guy. 

But me? I'm not even popular. Nobody except my best friend, Adam Hunter, knew my name before Nate started talking to me. Only two years ago, I was a fat, little brat with braces and just Adam as my friend. My hair was always messy, so messy i didn't even care, I never wore makeup and I didn't exactly wear the nicest clothes.

After seeing my yearbook picture one year, I was disgusted by it and decided I needed to change. I was sick of how alone I was and I started working out. At first, it was just once a week with some simple exercising, then it was twice. As I got better, I started working out almost everyday, changing my life and looks completely. I got rid of my awful braces, bleeched my hair a little bit so that it looked fresh and nice, bought some new clothes and I even started wearing makeup. 

That was when Nate started talking to me, no wait... Not talking, he was flirting! It kept going on until he asked me out one day and since then, we've been the school's hottest couple, except I'm not hot and I think they're just seeing 'him', not 'us'. My dear best friend, Adam, stuck around and was the only person I could hang out with being completely myself. I mean, of course I could me myself with Nate, but with Adam, it was a whole diferent story. He had been there the whole way, I had known him my entire life and that meant alot to me.

"Hey love, what are you thinking about? You're so quiet" Nathaniel, or Nate as I like to call him, said between chewing on his gum and texting with some of his buddies.

"Nothing, just tired" I said, not being completely honest. I was tired after all, though. It just wasn't the whole reason.

"You sure?"

"Yup" I said. He nodded in response and that was basically how our conversions had become these last few weeks, which was why I was so scared, why it hurt looking at him. We were currently at his house, just hanging out, but it started getting late and I told him I had to go home. He walked me to the door, kissed me goodbye and then I walked towards my car while waving back at him.

To be completely honest here, I didn't go straight home. I took a quick stop at Adam's house and we hung out for an hour, before I actually had to go home.
As I parked my car in our big driveway, I saw someone sitting on the stairs. I didn't recognize the her, I just saw the long hair and model-like features and knew it was a girl – but I didn't have any other friends than Adam and Nate? The two of them always kept me company, so I didn't feel the need to get some girl friends. I quickly got out of the black jeep and walked up towards the girl.
”Do I know you?” I asked shyly as I tried to make out the contures of her face. The mystery girl stood up and walked down the stairs.
”We have PE together at school” she answered, thinking I would catch up on that and recognize her. When I didn't, she said her name was Crystal and that we shared some classes together, as well as PE, which was my least favorite, no wonder I didn't recognize her from that, I barely even recognized the teacher.
”Oh, hi. What's up? What are you doing in my driveway?” I asked, slightly confused. Maybe she was one of Nate's friends.
”Oh sorry, I'm one of Nathaniel's friends-” And I was right, of course. ”-and he's been a little off lately, like he's depressed or scared or something and I just figured I'd ask you, since he won't tell me anything. So, has something happened? I just want to know if he's okay” she rambled on, like she didn't have time to take a breath.

”As far as I know, nothing has happened, our relationship is just a little tense from I-don't-know-what and I guess he's just tired of that, so it's probably nothing special. If he doesn't wanna talk about it, don't push him. Just let him talk when he's ready and I guarantee you that he'll most likely talk too much. No, I'm just kidding, but it's probably nothing” I said, not even concerned.

”Are you sure? I just feel like we're growing apart, that he's keeping something from me” she said. Her pretty face actually looked really worried, she cared about him.

”Hey- Crystal, don't worry, okay? I'll talk to him” i said and gave her a reassuring smile.

”Thanks” she said, smiling back at me and walked away from me. Her petite body moved gracyfully down the long driveway in the dark and her long, blonde hair swayed back and forth on her back and her figure moved further away from me.

”Well that was random” I said to myself and walked up to the wooden front door. As always, my dog Peach welcomed me home just as I got inside and that always got me in a better mood. She was a black labrador and even though she was pretty big and already 6 years old, she still acted like she was a little puppy. My dad was out of town for the weekend at some work related stuff, so it was just me and my mom.
”Hi honey, did you have fun with Nate?” she asked as I walked in to the kitchen. Everytime my dad was on a business trip, she placed herself in the kitchen, always sitting at the table with her laptop, paying the bills, working and just waiting for me to get home. I don't know why she always did that, but it worked for me, so I just let her do it. 

”Yeah, I guess so. Did you have a nice day?” i asked and got us some coffee.
”You guess so? What's going on with the two of you, Mel?” she shifted in her seat, turning around to face me. My eyes fluttered uncomfortably, she looked serious, there was no way I was getting out of this one.

”I don't know mom. It's just... Every damn girl in this town is drooling after him, soon enough he'll get bored of me and-” Mom interrupted me before i could continue.
”You are beautiful, smart and funny, sweetheart. He's lucky to have you and if he ever gets 'bored' of you, i will personally rip his head off for hurting you. Stop worrying so much, you're just creating a wall between you and that is definitely not good” she said, standing up to embrace me in the famous mom hug, making me feel safe and loved.

As we stood there completely silent, her phone started ringing She grabbed it from the table and looked at the screen and instantly answered. Her eyes teared up and she put her hand infront of her mouth, like she was holding back a scream. I stared at her, afraid of what was wrong.

She shook her head and frantically said no a couple of times before she hung up. Her eyes wanderd over to me and in an instant i knew what it was. My dad.

”I'm so, so sorry, honey. Your dad was in a carcrash” Everything happened in slowmotion, I saw her mouth slowly moving as she said those words. I could hear my own heartbeats, unstable, as my eyes widened and the tears started welling up. She reached for me as I felt myself getting more distant. My head hurt, my heart picked up the pace and my vision becam blurry and then, black. It only felt like I was gone for a couple of seconds, but when I opened my eyes, I was in my bed, my dear mother sitting next to me with a phone in her hand. She gripped hard on it, her knuckles where completely white and her eyes were bloodshot. Her other hand was locked onto mine and I squeezed it hard to get her full attention.
”Is he alive?” I didn't wanna ask a question I already knew the answer to, but i heard the words coming out of my mouth anyway. She looked at me with sad eyes and opened her mouth slowly, unsure of what exactly to tell me.

”I'm so sorry, Melody” Was all she managed to get out before she broke down on top of my blankets. I instantly reached for my phone on the nightstand next to my bed and called the only person I could think of right now.
”Hello?” Adam said in the other end.
”He's dead” I threw out of me before i broke down too.


Som sagt, jag fick min inspiration från TFIOS, Hollywood's princess och If i Stay, så det kommer hända en del saker. Men jag hoppas ni gillar den, så kommer del 2 om några dagar. 




Hej där! 

Som ni säkert har märkt så försvann jag från bloggen en ganska lång stund, jag har inte bloggat under hela sommarlovet och jag har helt enkelt inte orkat.
Jag hade turen att få sommarjobb och har jobbat väldigt mycket, samtidigt som vi har haft väldigt mycket besök och bara haft fullt upp. Men efter att jag såg (och läste) The Fault in Our Stars och läst både Hollywood's Princess (HÄR) och If I Stay (HÄR), fick jag tillbaka min inspiration och började skriva en ny berättelse. Jag vet faktiskt inte vad den ska heta, men jag kommer nog på något. Så jag är tillbaka igen! Och eftersom jag kommer vara stuck på ett tåg till och från skolan varje dag fr.o.m den 20 augusti, så kan jag lika gärna skriva då. Jag har redan skrivit en del, så jag tänkte lägga ut den så fort jag har kommit på ett bra namn!




Heeey! Jag tog en paus från bloggen på grund av att det var så mycket stress i skolan, alla nationella proven, och sen kom vår avslutnings bal också.. Och nu som min pappa har blivit sjuk så är det fortfarande lite svårt.. men det är bara att ställa sig upp och va stark! så nuuu är jag tillbaka!
och har fått massa inspiration för många berättelser!

Och jag börjar skolan den 20, och då börjar jag på en skola som är 1½ timme bort, så jag får ju då pendla med tåg, meeeen va lugnt! kommer inte ta en paus bara för det? jag kommer ju ha tid att skriva på tåget och på helgerna, kanske inte lika aktiv som jag kommer vara på mina lov, men det är på grund av läxor också, men som sagt aldrig mer några pauser!:) i så fall så säger jag till! och en sak  till, jag tar  tyvärr bort min påbörjade berättelse, för jag tyckte den verkade så slarvig, men jag ska försöka mig på en bättre!
Så får ni ha en fortsatt fin kväll så ska jag börja med den andra delen, whoopwhoop!
Chaaao!/// Tuva



Hej alla!
Jag vet att jag inte har lagt ut delar på en stund nu, men jag har så lite inspiration att det inte ens borde vara möjligt. Men jag lova att jag fortsätter skriva direkt när min kära, lilla inspiration har kommit tillbaka. Så ni får bara ha lite tålamod och vänta.




*Hazel's point of view*

I'm serious when i say this, i freaking love my mom's strawberry and banana smoothie, it tastes like heaven! Augustus had called me last night a bit after he left to check on me and see if i was alright. I owed him big time for his rescue, or whatever you wanna call it. I still couldn't fully understand that i would never talk to Izzy as friends again, but it was relieving to know that i wouldn't have to worry about her backstabbing me again like she always did. Anyway, so when Augustus called me, we decided to hang out again, today, but without crying though. So he was picking me up in three hours and we were gonna go to the Westfield mall to eat lunch and then go to the park with Bentley and Lucy. I was excited to see if they would click or not, but i sure hoped for the best. But let's get back to the smoothie, my mom had made her special smoothie for me before she went out to go grocery shopping, since i asked her to do that last night. I would probably be gone when she came back, so she wished me good luck today and left me with the smoothie and tangled hair. I quickly finished the delicious drink and went upstairs to take a quick and refreshing shower. When i got out, it was time for the fight with my hair. I brushed through it and made sure there were no tangles left before blowdrying it and then curling the ends with my new curling iron. I covered my face with a light, but covering foundation, set it with some powder, bronzer and blush and then coated my long eyelashes with mascara. I also decided to do a catliner and define my eyes with a little bit of eyeshadow and then put some nude lipstick on my perfect shaped lips. Now it was time for my outfit. I wanted to go for a nice outfit, a little more on the classy side, so i put on some white shorts, a black tshirt and a floral blazer on top with a black, little leather purse. I felt like wearing my favorite perfume, David Beckham's Intimately Yours, to feel more confident. And done!

 I looked at the clock again, 2 and a half hours had passed by, so that means he'll be here soon. I walked back downstairs and grabbed my housekeys and put on my white, low converse and waited for the sound of his black Camaro, his car for those of you who don't know anything about cars.
My dad had taken Isaac to the park early this morning to just get him out of the house. I suppose they were playing around in the grass by now, playing football or eating ice cream, that's what they usually do when they're spending time with eachother, alone. I never really found out where my parents were the night i came home from Augustus and they were nowhere in the house, you know the night when i found Isaac alone in the livingroom? I didn't really think about it that much though, they were here now and everything seemed fine, so i didn't have a reason to worry about it that much. I heard a car engine outside and looked out the window. He was here. I checked my breath, making sure it didn't smell bad and put a mint in my mouth, just to be sure, and walked out, locking the door behind me and getting into his car.
”Hey, you ready for some food?” he smiled and stepped hard on the gaspedal.
”Starving” i said and buckled up as he turned on the radio. They were playing a cover of Wrecking ball (originally by Miley Cyrus), but this was by a band i'd never heard of. I think the name was Our Last Night or something, but it was really good actually. We both sat in silence, just admiring the music and just enjoy being around eachother. 

 The thought of us becoming more and more friends was hard to believe, this had been my dream since i saw him in 1st grade, when we had a family/friends dinner at my house. I had seen him at school before that, but i didn't really notice him until that night, when he showed up at my house to eat dinner. He only said two words to me, hello and bye, but that was enough to make me fall for him more and more, each day after that. Now, we're spending our last year in high school and i've had a crush on him since that one night at our house. I've always dreamed of being friends, or even maybe, just maybe, date him. But i gave up on that dream a long time ago. And now, when i was finally accepting that he would probably never see me as his friend, he decided to notice me. Good timing bro! Like, couldn't you have done that a little earlier? But anyway, i was more than happy to even spend some time with him.
After a little while in the car, we arrived at the mall and my stomach was aching for food. There were several restaurants, but we decided to go for some subway and starbucks, just to be unhealthy and it was a really good choice. 

I ordered a Subway spicy, with cheese and peperoni, and he chose the Subway melt, with bacon or something. At starbucks, we both went for the Double chocolaty chip drink and some chocolate chip cookies, to be extra careless about our bodies. I'd always been smart and healthy, but i decided to not give a single fuck about my body today, one unhealthy meal couldn't matter that much, or? 

Walking around the mall with our food and drinks, we laughed at our own jokes, windowshopped (that's looking through the windows, at the clothes and stuff, wishing you had enough money or place to buy it) and even took the time to look for a nice birthday present for Augustus' brother, Matty. When we didn't find anything, we went back to the car and started the trip back home again to get the dogs and go to the park with them. He dropped me off at my house so i could get ready with Lucy as he went home to get Bently. Half an hour later, his car showed up outside my house with him and Bentley in it. I walked outside with Lucy right next to me and let the dogs get to know eachother. When that seemed to work just fine, we took off with them and headed to the park. There was nobody there when we arrived, so we let the dogs free to play around for a bit, while we sat down on the ground. I started pulling on the grass to have something to do as i saw Augustus moving closer to me, in the corner of my eyes. I felt his arm on my shoulders and my heart skipped a beat

. What in the world was he doing? There's no way he was flirting with me, guys like him just didn't flirt with girls like me. I wasn't the captain of the cheerleading, i didn't wear high heels everyday, i wasn't exactly rich and i wasn't popular either. Guys like Augustus Waters was supposed to drool over my bestfriend, Madison Bier. As i thought about it, he hasn't even mentioned her name since we started hanging out, he didn't even ask me anything about her. The only time i'd ever heard him say her name was when he asked me about the car, he noticed i was going to school with her everyday, instead of driving my own car. And he didn't seem to even care about that i was her friend. He had to be gay or something, everyone at my school drooled over her, but he didn't. I turned my head and looked at him to see if it was even him. And there he was, the face of an angel, he looked so innocent, but yet so nervous at the same time. He looked at me, making eyecontact and then gave me a smile, just a small one. He was so handsome! When i thought it was just a friendly gesture, he did something absolutely unexpected before i even had the chance to look away.

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*Augustus' point of view*

I woke up by the sound of my dog, Bentley, scraping his nails up against my bedroom door.
”Not now, Bent” i said tired, waiting for him to stop. Now was not a good time for a walk down the park, it was way too early. 

I laid there for a while and just waited, but he didn't stop, so i got out of bed and opened my door to let him in.
”I'm not taking you out for a walk, but you can sleep in my bed until i do” i said as i picked him up and went back to bed with him. But that didn't go as planned, he just didn't let me sleep, so i decided to do as he wanted.
I put on a chill outfit, just a pair of grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt, and headed out with Bentley.

 Even though i was tired as hell, it was a nice walk, it was sunny and hot, which was what i loved. We walked around the park for about 15 minutes before we turned around and headed home again. Just as i walked through the front door, my phone started buzzing. I grabbed it from my pocket and looked at the screen, it wasn't any of my friends or family, but i recognized the number.
”Hazel?” i said as i answered it. There was a few seconds silence before she said anything.
”Hey...” her voice cracked. Something was clearly wrong.
”Hey, is there something wrong?” i was worried something had happened to her. I mean, i don't really know her that well, but i sure as hell cared about her. If anyone did anything to her that would hurt her, i wouldn't hesitate before making them regret. ”Hazel? Are you okay?” i asked again when she just kept silent.
”I just... Sorry, i don't wanna bother you, i just... sorry” she said, obviously crying. Her voice was shaking and i could hear that something was wrong.
”No! Hazel, what's wrong? Do you want me to come over? I'll be there in a minute, just stay there” i quickly hung up and ran upstairs to grab my carkeys and leave a note for my parents.
Going over to Hazel's, start breakfast without me”
All i could think about while driving was her cracked up voice and how hurt she sounded. Something had clearly happened and i won't let it go until she talks to me about it. I'll give her some time, but i needed to know what's wrong. Soon enough, i arrived at her house. I parked my car in the driveway and ran up to the doorpath. I decided to knock and her mother, Carolyn, opened the door with a confused face on.
”Augustus, what are you doing here?” she asked before letting me in. I didn't know if Hazel would want her to know about the phone call, so i just kept quiet about it.
”Uhm, Hazel asked me to come over, she needs help with some school stuff” that was the best i could think of at the moment and it clearly worked, since Carolyn let me in and showed me to her room upstairs. I waited until she was downstairs again before knocking on the door and opening it a little. I stuck my head in a little to see if she was even there and she was. I saw her tiny body almost laying down on the bed against the wall. She was crying so much that she was shaking, poor girl.
”Heyhey, what happened? What's wrong?” I walked over to her and sat down on the side of the bed, close to her, and put my hand on her back. She lifted her head up and looked at me with red, puffy eyes, still wet with tears, and moved closer to me, so she almost sat next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight to show her my support, as she cried even more onto my shoulder. She shook her head and i got the hint, she didn't wanna talk about it right now. I just nodded in return and let her cry out as much as she needed.
”Hazel, you need to tell me what's wrong so i can help you” i begged. My eyes were tearing up because of her. I fel so sorry for her and i really wanted to help her, but i couldn't until she told me what happened. She lifted her head up a bit and cleared her throat a little and started talking.

”Isabella called me this morning and said she needed to talk to me, that it was important...” she paused and took a deep breath before continuing. ”She started rambling on about a robbery and her boyfriend, i told her to start over and slow down and she told me everything from the beginning to the end. Quentin, her boyfriend, had robbed a store or something last night and she wanted me to lie to the police and say that he was innocent and that i was with him the whole night. She couldn't do it herself because her parents didn't know about their relationship and they aren't exactly his fans” she paused and took a deep breath again. ”I said no and she tried to convince me to do it until i snapped at her... That was when it got bad. She started throwing shit about me, you, my friends, my family and so on. She also said that if i asked her to do the same for me, she would do it. But i thought about it and realized that she has just used me for my support ever since we became friends. Everytime i can't help her with something, she throws shit about me behind my back, so i cut her off and told her i wouldn't help her, she started yelling at me about how bad of a friend i am and then i just kinda 'broke up' with her, i ended our friendship and hung up on her” she paused again. ”And then i laid here for a while, overthinking and crying and then i decided to call you” the tears started flowing again and she leaned against my shoulder. 

”I'm so sorry” i mumled and kissed the top of her head. I was still pretty tired, so i pushed her down on the bed, carefully, and laid down behind her, with my eyes wrapped around her waist. She took a deep breath again and calmed down. I closed my eyes and hugged her tigher as i felt her body relaxing more and more and then breathing heavily. She fell asleep in my arms, and so did i after a little while.
When i woke up, she was still asleep, with a little smile on her lips. I studied her beautiful face and realized how lucky i was. She was so pretty and one of the nicest people i had ever met. I mean, yes, ofcourse she has her flaws, like small spots in her face and hormones, but she was completely flawless to me. Those little outbursts of laughter at school when i saw her made me melt inside and her deep blue eyes made the stars look bad.

 I was slowly, but surely falling for her. I looked at the clock, almost 3 pm. My parents were probably waiting for me to get back, so i had to leave. I left her a note, saying i had to go, but she could call me anytime. Before leaving her room, i kissed her forehead.
”Sleep tight, little angel” i whispered against her head and then left. 

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 ”I'm home!” i yelled while i took off my white converse. I headed towards the livingroom to see if my parents were there, but i found my little brother, Isaac, instead. I never thought i would say this, but i love him to death. He's only 4 years old, so that means he's the most annoying little shit in the world, but i couldn't have got a better brother.
”Hey cutie, where's mom and dad?” i walked over to the couch where he sat, almost falling asleep. Why was he alone in here? Mom never let him be alone anywhere, she said it was too dangerous. He just looked at me with puppydog eyes without answering. 

That poor little bastard was so tired, why was he still awake? I picked him up and took him upstairs to his small, boyish bedroom and put him to bed after putting his pajamas on. He closed his eyes while i quietly sang to him and after only one minute, he was asleep. I started my journey through my house to look for my parents, but they were nowhere to be seen. I grabbed my phone and tried to call my dad, but he didn't answer it. Where where they? And why did they leave Isaac home alone? I sat down on the couch and tried to call him again, but he still didn't answer. After trying to call my mom a couple of times, i gave up. They were probably just getting the mail or something after putting Isaac to bed, but i suppose he didn't wanna sleep and went downstairs again. I decided to not think about it anymore, i'm sure they'll be back any minute.
I went in to my bathroom and did my night routine, which was removing all my makeup, brushing through my long hair and pulling it up in a messy bun and then brushing my teeth. I went to bed and fell asleep instantly.
The next day, which was saturday by the way, my phone woke me up. Slightly irritated, i got out of bed and grabbed it. Why was Isabella calling me now? It was 9 in the morning.
”This better be important” i said as i answered the call.
”It is” she said. She didn't even sound tired at all, how long had she been up?
”Go on” i sighed and laid back down in bed. She started talking about some random guy and the police.
”Wait, hold on. Why are you telling me this? I don't even know the guy” i said after telling her to slow down and start over. She told me that one of her so-called friends was going out last night and that the police caught him robbing som store and that it was a false accusation.
”Because i need you to tell the police that you were with him that night. That you were just walking around the city-” she said, probably thinking i would agree. But she was insane if she thought i would do it.
”Izzy, are you kidding or something? Cause this is not something to joke about” i said, cutting her off.
”Yes, i need you to lie to the police for me, because i can't. My parents can't find out that i'm dating Quentin. They say he's bad luck, so i can't have them find out this way” she was obviously trying to convince me.
”Hell no, Izzy! What the fuck are you thinking? There's no way i'm lying to the police becuase your fucking boyfriend screwed up! You must think i'm crazy or something” i almost yelled at her through the phone. Did she really think i was that stupid?
”You know you're a fucking bitch, right? If Augustus, or whatever-his-name-is, was in trouble and you asked me to do the same for you, i would do it without regret” who did she think she was?
”Don't you dare drag him into this! You're the bitch here, asking me to do a 'favor' for your fucked up boyfriend, i don't even know the asshole” we were now yelling at eachother, just throwing shit.
”You know what? Fuck you” i finally said and ended the phone call. I was never talking to her again after what she just tried to make me do.
I sighed as i put down the phone i laid back against the wall. Drama, lies, tears... Cheers to the teenage years. After what felt like two hours, i finally got up and took a shower, it would be weird not hanging out with Isabella anymore, but i was happy to get away from her. All the talk about her 'dramatic' life and boyfriend made me sick, i was so tired of her crap. I don't even know how i survived without killing her this long. I was so mad that i started crying and the tears just wouldn't stop. I went back to bed and just laid there while crying my eyes out for another ten minutes.

 Why? I don't know, but i just felt like Izzy used me for my support and didn't even care about me as a person. I knew Mads wasn't home, Kelsey was still asleep, as usual... Samantha was 10 miles away and both Abby and Chris was on vacation. That only left me with one person i could talk to, Augustus. My heart raced as i dialed his number and waited for him to answer. The tears still streaming down my cheeks.
”Hazel?” he said, probably a bit confused.
”Hey...” my voice cracked as i said that and the tears just flooded down.
”Hey, is there something wrong?” he was clearly worried. ”Hazel? Are you okay?”
”I just.. Sorry, i don't wanna bother you, i just... Sorry” i said, almost hanging up on him.
”No! Hazel, what's wrong? Do you want me to come over? I'll be there in a minute, just stay there” he said and hung up. I was shaking at this point, crying so much that i couldn't even speak or breathe.
After a while of crying, i heard a knock on my door and then a worried face as he opened the door slowly. I guess someone opened the door for him downstairs, or else he just walked right inside.
”Heyhey, what happened? What's wrong?” he went over to my bed and sat down on the side. I moved closer to him, so i sat against him and cried onto his shoulder. I just shook my head and he hugged me tight, as he would never let go. 

We laid down on the bed after a while and he let me cry for as long as i needed before asking me what was wrong. I decided to tell him about it and we ended up sleeping in each others arms for a little while until he had to go home again.


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