Hey. So it was sort of a long time ago I posted anything. Starting to do exactly the same as always.... It's superfun with a blog in two/three days then the excitement dies. Well I promised myself that this time would not be like all the others.

New up! I have recently colored my girlfriend's hair!😀 It turned out really good!!! Colors are once again, Directions. This time, Dark Tulip .
Before and After. ⬇

She's having a great time with her awesome hair and her Harry Potter book.

She's looks fierce in this color!😍

Also did her makeup this day. It's mostly MaryKay's products, so once again, if you like anything, just write to me! 🙂🙂

My mum, little brother and mums plus one were here today and we had something nice to eat and played Fia med knuff! It's a fun boardgame were you are supposed to push out the others players! Me and my brother are sort of bad losers they say... I don't agree.

We got a pretty picknick basket from them and with some tasty things in it. Like cheese and champagne! Hanna and I are going on a small picknick later tonight 😄 Yum

Now we're gonna start with dinner, carrot soup! Well, as soon as our nails are dried. 🤗💅

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Look so difficult on this pic.😇
Well soooo. I can now for sure say that the green in my hair is gone.
This was not what I intended to do, but with me, things sort of just happens 🙂 Now black happened. 💆

I'm pleased now, so that's good!
Wanna show you a few pictures from Ukraine!

First I was so confused when someone in the staff on a restaurant came to me and started moving chairs around next to me, I thought that I had to move. He actually came there with a chair to my bag which I had put on the ground.... Haha I was so confused and was just laughing and staring at him 😂

Here's the famous cosmopolitan! I'm not much for alcohol but this one I really enjoyed! 🍸

I'm not a good summerperson, I never go in to the water, maybe with my feet.. But in Ukraine I did swim! In a outside-pool tho, but I think it counts! 🏊

Waterpipe was a thing here. At every restaurant someone was smoking!

This is a Ukrainian dish! Potato-pancakes sort of. With sourcream! Super delish!👌

The churches here were so majestic!🕍



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hello Internet.

After my recent post about makeup and my hair I realised I wasn't so happy with my hair as I said. *liiiiiar* 😣
We are in Kiev right now and I found out that haircolours are much cheaper here. What to do, what to do. Of course I bought some! I got Syoss, professional performance, 7-6.
My mission right now is to get rid of the green in my hair. First step was to neutralise my hair into ONE colour. I sort of succeeded 🤗
Here's the result

Next step is now to either put in some ascorbic acid. It's supposed to remove the green. Otherwise I'm heading for silver-schampo.
Fingers crossed! 👌

I also bought some nail polish yesterday here in Ukraine! Felt naked on mi nails. They're ugly anyway so.

I really liked it!

​Hope you all have a great day! Both in Sweden and here in Ukraine!

All over the world actually.. Hope everyone have a great day!🤗😊



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MaxFactor, earth spirits, black.

Isadora, eyephoria, aquatic.

● STAR, eyeshadow, white.

Eyeliner: MaryKay, liquid eyeliner, black.

Lipstick: MaryKay, Luscious plum.

Eyebrows: MaryKay, brunette.


● MaryKay, mineral powder foundation, ivory 2.

● MaryKay, sheer dimensions powder, pearls.

If you're interested in any of the MaryKay product, just contact me! You can only buy them from a MaryKay consultant.

The marvelous hair is coloured with bleach and colour from Bluefox. I started out with a blue colour which turned green, so I took a shot with purple.. which also turned green haha. But now I actually like it!

I'm not so good at bleaching, doesn't have the patience to wait so I think that the colours works better if you have a better bleach. ☺

Wish you all a super comfy Tuesday! I'm gonna continue drinking my cola and watch Gossip girl. 😄😘



We were outside when I saw these beautiful flowers on the yard!! So I wanted to take pictures of them. And then a few of the leaves fell off. They were so beautiful! In so sweet, charming tones of pink.
We ended up lying on the grass with the fallen-off leaves on our bodies



Den vackra flicka som dansar genom mina drömmar och förgyller min vardag🌸💕