Today I've been on the road for most part of the day. We drove one of our horses to a farm were he will be until mid june.

The few ramaining hours of the day I spent with Adobes customer service, and exploring some of their programs.

Since I gained an interest in videography as well as photography, I've wanted to upgrade my Adobe subscription, so today I did!

Now I have all the apps, and I don't know how to use any of them, except for photoshop and lightroom.

But I'm super excited to figure it all out!

Although, if I'm going to learn how Premiere Pro works, I do have to film something, duuhh.

So I'm thinking of bringing my camera with me tomorrow when I go to the movies with @TampongTessan, but I'm not sure if I want to carry it around the entire evening...

Anyway, Valentines day is coming up! Do you have any plans?

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This week's best:

That I F I N A L L Y have a week off from school.

I'm really starting to question if I actually want to go to school for about 5 more years...

This week's worst:

We were going to move our horse, but he just wouldn't get in the trailer. We spent 4 hours in the freezing cold trying too get him in. 😣

This week's longing:

WARMTH, I had hopes that spring was on its way but no, it turned right around and went back in hiding. 😭

This week's tip:

If you go somewhere, and it's cold, wear warm clothes.

Especially shoes, do not underestimate the affect cold shoes can have on you.

This week's song:

Something I'm going to spend time on:

Reading! I have to finish a book in a week. I mean, I love procrastinating, right until it comes biting my ass.

The coming week's motto:



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This is the dye that I use. It also comes with a cap to mix everything in, but I lost it so I just use a coke-cap instead. πŸ˜‚

PRO-TIP: Have A LOT of q-tips nearby, trust me, it gets messy.

I colored them not too long ago so you can't really see a big difference, but naturally I have extremely light brows. So you can understand the euphoria when I found this product. 😍

Here's a before, during and after. πŸ‘‡

My skin has been freaking out lately, and I'm lost at what to do about it.

Do you have any tips for skincare? I could really use them right now. 😬



"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant."

Some photo's from last spring, doesn't exactly easy my longing, but oh well.

Today I woke up sweaty, which might be slightly TMI to post here, but it made me so happy!

No, I'm not super weird. It just means that I can lower the temperature on the heater in my room, because the temperatures are finally going up outside!

Perhaps it's too soon to cheer when it's only been like this for a day, but I really feel like spring is hanging in the air.

You know how fall has a special air and smell to it? It's the same with spring, and I can't say exactly what it is, but it's something.

Also, I heard birds singing for the first time in months. That's actually a real sign right?

Even though there's still a thin blanket of snow laying on the ground, I can't wait until everything is fresh and new and starts blooming again. Please tell me that you can relate?

Gaah I just L O V E spring!