Above hereyou find what the rabbit’s family tree looks like. It starts off with Animalia,indicating it is, in fact, an animal. Chordata pretty much tells us that theanimal got a spine, and as the name suggests Mammalia tells us that the rabbitis a mammal.

Now manypeople believe rabbit’s to be rodents, but this untrue. To be a rodent you needto fill out a few requirements, one which is that you got 4 incisors, two onthe bottom and two at the top. But rabbits actually got 4 at the top, and 2 atthe bottom. Which excludes them from the list. Instead they belong to thefamily Lagomorpha.

Then we got Leporidae which differences Pikas from our rabbits. Pikas got longtails and short ears, and rabbit, as you know got the opposite, long ears andshort tails.

Now, thegenus, Oryctolagus, in latin, means “to dig” which of course tells us theseanimals are diggers. An animal that is part of Leporidae but is not a digger isfor example the hare.

Rabbits where domesticated around 1400 years ago by monks in southerner France.The Catolic church had declared young rabbits to be a kind of fish and couldthere for be eaten during lent. This made the monks start breeding them incaptivity. This was the start of their domestication.
Their domestication is particularly interesting as the scientists actuallyknows when and how it occurred, unlike dogs and cats, where we can onlyspeculate.

We have also realized that our tame rabbits has the same genes as a wildrabbit. It’s only the regulation of them that differentiates. This proves theystill got the same instincts as the wild rabbit.
This does not by any means you can just let them out in the wild, like manyseem to do when interest is lost. Remember that the rabbit you got is a tamerabbit and even if the instincts are in their genes they will most likely notsurvive.

Moving on to how to care for our rabbits.

You always want to make sure they got a good brand of good hay, this shouldalways be available, 24/7, all year round. The best hay you can get is from a local farmer, pet stores has had beenfound to many times contain spores of mold. But if you get a good brad itusually isn’t a problem.

Muslie in any form should NOT be given to a rabbit as it contains loads ofsugar. Instead give them a little bit of a good brand of pellets. You can alsogive them a little bit of veggies, but introduce one at the time and give nomore than twice the size of their head a day. (If you measure with salad)

The cage should spacious, on the small side they are supposed to lay flat downat least once, on the longer one, at least 3 times, this means their feet’ssticking straight back. This is for minimum, but bigger is always better. Ifyou have the ability to rabbit proof your home, why not let it free range? Ifyou do keep it in a cage, remember to let it out daily to exercise their legsproperly.

Other than big spaces they need toys to throw, shew, and hide in. Tunnels arefavorites, together with empty boxes they can shew down. Always provide a widevariety of toys to jump up on and play with.

Rabbits do not enjoy being picked up like many seem to think, but despite thismake sure to pick them up daily. If the rabbit gets hurt or for example thehouse is on fire, you want to be able to grab it without any problems. But mostinteraction should still be on their level.

Rabbit's will need to be fixed when reaching maturity, This to stop them from territorial marking, aggressive behaviours and to get the calmest friend possible. As soon as you've spaed your rabbit, consider getting it a friend. A rabbit is a social animal and will need a friend to play and explore with.  ​​

Do you have any questions or any more information you want to add on to this,write it down below!



There has been some changes on here when I've been gone. Acctually Rex passed away last month and I got a new hammy to join the familly. Her name was Gucci, but she was verry sick and in the end we put her down. Right now Im not getting any more hamsters.

The rabbits are also living togheter now, they have been bonded, and they love it (Just as I do)

And to end it all, I have a few new birds. To make it easy, Ill add a photo of all the birds I own right now.

Rex and Gucci

Ace and Ajax

Darwin and Marine

Blu and Jake

Shrek and Nala

Morgan and Smoker

There you got all of my birds for the moment, and to top it off I'm ending with a cutie rabbit photo <33



I've been gone for a while, been doing a lot of school work and getting things going here at home, so the blog has been pushed to the side sadlly But now my holliday has gotten started and I'm back. And to start it all of, I got a new familly member. Her name is Smoker, shes a coctail as you all can see! :D Shes a 14 week old baby and got her name as when I got out the car my sister had to vent the car, thats how much smoke we smelled like... She still dosnt smell the best, but hoping a few bathes will do the trick. Shes not tame yet, but we'll get there, hopefully ;)

So here we welcome Smoker! :D



So I just got back from babysitting the cat Vivi, it was loads of fun but it feelt good getting back home to all the pets!

But I soon relized I got a small problem....Rex was nowhere to be found! I loooked everywhere in the room as I knew the possibillity of her leaving the room was extremlly slim (Only way out is the door wich is keep closed if not to alk in/out and the window high up on the wall. )

Finnally I hered her scratching nd relized she was hiding in a small gap I couldnt reach in to. Happilly she came out as soon as a nut came in to the picture :D

No injuries on her, more on my emotional wounds.... And shes doing great now, back in the cage with the lid properlly fitted. :D



Im going to be carring for the 2 days as her owner is working all day. Shes a reall beauty! Staying with her in gothenburg, its nice to be alone all day sometimes :)

She is named Vivi after the charecter in One piece (Like many of our pets, Ace, Marine, Luffy, Robin, Vivi, Nami, Zoro, and Usopp) Its like a pet theme we've done latelly haha :)



Robin was neutured yesterday and she just couldnt have the trat on as she would take it off easilly, once getting stuck with it in her mouth though. So we decided to make her a "sock" and its woring much better! :)



This is the third time Im writting today, so I'll make it a last! But after we cellebrated my sisters ninth birthday I went to my older sisters home. Right now Im sitting with one of her cats, Zoro, hes just so pretty <3 going from a totally wild cat into a sweet loving boy <3