WASHING off paint!

How to make WASHING SODA: 1HR, 400Degrees and baking soda in a cooking sheet..

Using it for a natural paint stripper.. consisting of 7oz. washing soda dissolved in cold water, 2/3 cup flour with a little warm water... mix all together! This is happening tonight! on my two dressers, update later

Here is the link on how to make Washing Soda: it can be used for making Laundry detergent, dry or wet! : )

BTDubs I love Jillee's blog, always reliable recipes :)

This potion is currently sitting on both of my projects...

A teak Japanese stool converting from red paint to beautiful wood underneath.

Two ikea dressers that are just particle board with laminate covering...

It says to let it sit for several hours so i will let you know in a few, how the pieces of furniture reacted!

OK so... like 5 hours later and this "potion" did not work, i had a feeling it was a little too simple. I don't know how it would have gotten the job done.

So an ahah! moment came as i was trying to scratch off the paint with my cooking/washing scraper...


I let it sit, not long and used scraper and sponge and it wiped away!!! :)

This thought came to mind because i have painted my kitchen table so many times that.

I have been cleaning my white table with bleach lately and noticed it loosens the paint!

So this worked!

But word to the wise, this was an acrylic craft paint on laminate and a clear polyurethane sealant.

I wouldn't let it sit too long if its not a high quality paint bc it will eat through the laminate..

The sponge works good on small flecks of paint while large chunks, do better with the scraper! :)

Currently deciding whether i should just trash the dressers or continue in the goal of putting them in the closet -->

Thoughts on closet/dresser plans, comment below! :) -->