Totes Awesome 💁👛👜

So this is a long story. Me, I have never had a long lasting love of pursing or carrying a purse! In the words of my Latin teacher, "don't you want to just be like a ninja and carry a folder into class!!!" Haha "WAYAH!!!" Or hayah anyways... Ah to be free.. The Dream 💭 Haha and then there's Life ❤️💛💚💙 (game colors in case I was too discreet)

So I had tiny glimpses of glory where I had a spark of interest in wearing a purse, then it would become an accessory, then a ball and chain haha extreme I know #hippychild lol 😂 I would try n try n it would always come down to I just didn't want to carry a purse meh #womenissues men get to walk around free handed?!? Haha no but seriously when I looked at it as Totes it was totes-ally different hahaha

So I shall take you on my new totes tour and how I got there! I always prided myself on my tiny purse with one diaper with an elastic band on it and wipes in a mini-container (still a purse I am in love with| Miche) but time tells all with two kiddos and increasing responsibility. More like a compilation of embarrassing moments when you're a mom trucking around kids looking for a tissue!! Somebody please lol Or some other emergent scenario lol

So I realize now every paragraph starts with so. Once my English teacher said I could start a sentence or a paragraph off with that word, I took it a step farther. I like things to have meaning, purpose and rough functionality especially efficiency. If it's fast n efficient, I'm sold! ?? So I kept thinking smaller was better cuz that's sexy n sleek, right? I first fell in love with a purse just like the one I own and hands free, less space etc but hauling laundry up and down the stairs with wheels became bags from Thirty-One (work like a dream and cute to boot!)

Then leaving the house with anything more then I could fit in my mini-me purse became tougher with two kids in arms :/ so I think everyone in Long Beach owns a free Walmart bag? Well I would grab that and stick the leftovers or things that needed to be carried to and from church. Well not long before I was looking up cuter solutions on Pinterest and found lots of tutorials on glamming up plain canvas bags. So one dollar, one trip, one dollar store and I had me an upgraded tote bag. Then came my Johnny Choo bag ;) then my dollar store bag didn't look so hot next to it so, we set out to really facelift my friend.

I know this sounds really elementary and it is.. I only share this for people aspiring to higher purse ways or interested in cheaply adding to their current collection! : )

Then I mininimized my closet you can read that blog from last month! :-) anywhoo I found I like/love purses as a huge price to my outfits I don't mind going hands free if its not matching. But since I don't have money to buy a jimmy choo purse every time , I started at the thrift store I don't like to invest a lot of money until I am for sure. So I found a black leather purse saggy ten dollars. A bright red purse 7$ a bright tan leather purse 3$ all of these I switch out and wear every day: my criteria while I am looking is it the right color ? Is it the right shape? this is important and is it a good quality? Leather etc or easily fixable ... This is the thrift store so don't expect it to be perfect but rather fit the impression you are trying to give off!!!

Now I shall show you my purse collection, and adding to it daily :) :-) not hard to add to when it is only a couple of dollars away and I am sure in time I will spend more on purses I find bring higher quality. :) but right now those are not my priorities! It could be next week but I am happy with what I have right now !

I now enjoy many purses. And look back on this post from a couple weeks back and think wow I am totally normal now! I love my purses and have to have a great purse (matching) every time I go out! I think that May have been what peeved me so bad was the whole doesn't match perfectly/add to your outfit , now it is a main accessory to many of my outfits. I've added a blush and gold Aldo purse as well as a brown Aldo bag. A Jean Neiman Marcus tote and others. All my purses are worth more than I bout them for! One lady told me she bought the same purse for 200$, I had paid 10. 

Also filling them I have my wallet and phone and any other things that need to tag along. In my wallet I have sample make up so my wallet always has spruce up elements! Baby mascara, perfume and all the essentials for makeup! Happy Toteing and Pursing!