To minimize your closet?

Minimizing your closet, tips, pictures, video to come and thoughts on whether it is right for you and how too.

To minimize or not to minimize? Maybe you came to this blog, already prepared to downsize just needing tips on how to do it for you... or maybe you are interested in the thought but think you are too wild and free for something as boring sounding as a minimal closet. Let me explain, you don't have to only have 4 black dresses in your closet to be a minimal girl :) (sigh of relief)

That said, let's jump into the potential how to... one YouTuber beautifully explained it as just defining your style and minimizing your closet down to only that. Which makes sense because that is probably what you like. Whether you like it every time you see it on pinterest or you love it every time you see someone wearing it. :) No matter what your style, there is room for you to feel minimal and have a beautiful closet even if you don't get rid of anything. (The idea is storage for stuff you are not ready to let go of or stuff that is not in season) If you have never been able to accomplish the whole winter, summer thing, this tutorial will definitely help you complete and understand the concept more completely :) :-).

So onto the actual doing of where to start in minimizing your clothing and ultimately making your closet feel glam even if all you have to work with is a simple, standard, builder grade closet. Also, if you don't have room for a vanity in your house you can create one in a small closet even if you feel like you barely have room for your clothes. My house has two and a quarter standard closets for four people. Thankfully we are up for an upgrade in that area! We live in socal : ) We trade space for perfect weather all year long. Lol.

OK this is where I started, after how-to researching. I created a pinterest board, and pinned (at first only stuff I was in love with or would actually wear, that fit my style) once I had gathered enough outfits, I observed patterns. Like, surprisingly I learned I preferred hats, shoes and big purses as simple accessories rather than statement necklaces, bracelets and bling! I also realized I opted for shoes that weren't so obvious, like nudes, tans and blacks. I feel like they make more of a statement when they are less visible. But I had to learn that through studieing what I was attracted to, fashion wise. This is probably the funnest part of the process, so enjoy! :-)

Once all was defined I printed a page with 20 outfits summarizing my style with colors as well, and clipped it to a gold clipboard. While I am dressing my mood picks a photo and voila! Or I have a piece I want to wear and I automatically know my favorite colors to go with. Also for shopping, it is easier having exacts in mind, you won't be disatisfied when you get home with your new sale! Happy shopping!

Now it's time for dwindling and weeding down your closet! Working off your new clipboard or pinn-board put clothing that does not fit that criteria in a bag either to go or to store under your bed or what not. The more you do this, the more you will get addicted to leaving out only your favorite pieces or "embracing who you are in fashion" :)

I will be adding photos and a video shortly

Enjoy a peaceful, fashionista and more glam you and closet! :-) :-D