Midas Touch

While you have the Gold spray can out, might as well turn everything gold,.. Tastefully I mean. Haha

Does anyone have this staples trash can? This is not a new idea but it is luxury with affordability. Came out great, I wasn't using it before and I had seen many posts on different ways to use it but this seemed most close to its original function and beautiful!

One thing they say as a decorating no-no, is to not ignore wires! Well you won't ignore them now! I didn't perfectly spray them but they are a perfect small touch of shimmer out of the corner of your eye! "Everything in moderation" but don't ignore that ugly orange and black chord because someone will notice! And why take all ur energy ignoring when you could be enjoying your clean new look!

Small apartments need every bit of help they can get! :-)
While I'm lecturing, frames should be level on top when side by side and usually not above door tops. Even is good! Also I should probably take those stickers off! #inwardlecture

Also did you notice the solid brick of gol ;-) lol it's just my power strip! But I did tag (literally) my iPhone charger as well because it's a touchy subject whose iPhone charger is whose haha 

Now you can feel luxury when being responsible and plugging in your phone for the night!?? 🔌📲