Living in a small place (hand raised)

We live in a one bedroom apartment. No shame we are ready to move.. but some things that city life brings are not desirable. With a 1 and 2 yr old constantly littering lol and a hard working husband occasionally loitering lol (he's the best!) :-)

Well it can be discouraging, someone who has not lived somewhere small would say it cleans up faster and yes floor day, floor space is cleaned quick.

But with diminishing ground

tables and necessary items

crowding your feet

becomes confusion and stress. :)

Ok a little poetry for whoever stumbled upon this who could use some break in your lines. :)

1. Relinquish to a welcoming statement entryway that greets you with peaceful array.
My entryway - 6 categories

Do it how you like:

Electronics - unused electronics



Wallet, Phone

Deodorant and mints (hubsand)

Dismissal bag


OK 8

Dismissal bag is work clothes or outgoing items.

Also flowers and diffuser on welcome shelf that bears one catch-all tray

2. Clean lines

LV to Dining room is one long stream differentiating but matching and minimal.

As much open space as possible. You may assume you have no space to spread out but hiding as much as possible makes you more relaxed when all is well and when it is messy, the simplicity of the space will cheer you on to get rid of the pile of clutter in the room.

3. Choose your pallet and pick defining, complimentary accents. I.e. white and navy go well with orange. Black and white would be the defining accents for green and grey.

I chose a pink, mint and gold theme on a completely white canvas. Easy to do in apartments. Since "hospital white" seems to be a necessary evil of a renters complex. With black accents.

4. Lean back

The pride of the LV is the center canvases. I have come to appreciate leaning paintings after moving and removing many nails. This look is very relaxed and a clean modern. I'd rather invest in a shelf and switch out pictures that never hang to left. Also, I fit a lot behind them that is surprising to me to this day that my children don't mind leaving alone! Currently stashing albums and kid reads.

The Dining area is all white with navy and white accents with a more orange theme. Pink roses to tie in the LV. The teal compliments this as well, at the other end of the room by the coffee station. The teal takes on a different role next to the blue in the dining room but yet still appeals to the previous/ongoing pattern of the LV.

5. Cute Coffee

My coffee station! This painting is by my aunt Esperanza Romero from Spain. The porcelain, Moroccan decor lost its lid thus it became my gorgeous cup holder haha! :-D #neverdone :) the baby trashcan *hides* the used k-cups that make it to the trashcan after being dumped twice. #peace lol.

This works beautifully, sometimes desperation creates.

The kitchen is simply a farmhand with a blue and white classic look. Only accented by perfectly placed yellow flowers. :)

6. Rolling Pantry

My favorite space saving focal point for the kitchen is the pantry, a hidden square containing cleaning supplies on one side and a bills board on the other. You need this in your life, easy to assemble. Worth any investment. Hidden and sleek. These are the items all spaces reject and say, "we have no room or time for you!" Give them a home worth deserving haha a bit satirical but it is what is.

My hallway doesn't bare a ring or a tone. But two doors facing eachother in close juxtaposition. I kept this simple black and white swinging between the LV, BDR and BTR. Yes, the bathroom and bedroom also steel away black and white bases! But almost there, not quite yet.

7. The Linen closet houses my "garage" a much needed storage for anyone trying to stay sane with that apartment in the perfect place but sacrifices those privileges. Another Investment in that peace of home.. homedepot sells, Martha Stewart bins. More times than not, on sale 2 for 2.80. I have 48 a housewarming gift from my mother in law :) she always takes care of me!

Each row is a different color. All of my essentials are in the front and they go double deep. Some labels to consider revamping your perspective, tools, glue-housing tape, velcro, command hooks. Crafts, paint, socks- miscellaneous, son's shoes.

My bathroom is the funnest room of all. With a daring black and white draw with gold accents it only needs one more color! Red! A tapestry woven rug, white rolled towels on a bench giving it the spa I mean sauna feel especially since this the only room spared the ac ugh. #sweat

Crystal candles on the windowsill and a real black curtain on the shower window. Don't go cheap on the most relaxing room of the house. 8. Make this your spa! Or not! Lol

Orchids dress the toilet completing the Oriental touches, black and white overture. Inside that bench lies every bathroom natured refill; hair tools, deodorant, razors, listerine, etc.

9. I was hesitant to put furniture in a small bathroom but dual purpose plus elegance! Couldn't pass it up.

Last but most, my beddy weddy! Haha get it? Get it? Hehe well I like luxe not a snobby shine but rather an elegant statement.

My final resting grounds, literally is green (emerald) grey, black and white with gold accents, won't deny! :-) This came together in a unique way. The dressers were my side table (multifunctional) but not functional until they came together. I created dress boudoir look. When assembled with a great leaning gold mirror, perfumes and make up on the top drawer. :)

This gives the room power not do I only get my neat spot but also my floor is clear for extra toddling space as well as a protective wall for nights when nursing extends past bed time.

10. Bring side tables together for a spacious small Master!

Happy, happy decorating!

Saving space all in one place! :-)



Aww I miss Long Beach! And I miss you guys! Love seeing all your decor and hacks 😊
Well you helped on number 10! I wouldn't have done it with out you! Haha, I remember scheming with screaming kids on the way to LB 😃 holes in the wall, and inspiration from ur play room!! Haha #justgettingtofixingtht lol! 😊 hahaha I can't wait for our next visit 🏊