Who has lamps that are boring, old, plain or just not you- enough!? MEeee! 🙋👋🙌

Well fear no more! A gold spray can and a little paint even nail polish can go a long way! ?????what! Yup. Here's how!

I saw this color with gold dipped bottoms on some stools that looked fabulous. I wanted it so I did it! $4.10 at homedepot for rustoleum metallic spray gold!

This side I successfully used nailpolish, it helped that it had a big manicure brush to go on smooth. Blue for my hubby! We now have his, hers lamps! Loving that they don't look blah! 💅

One more lamp beautified/modernized! :) this was an old lamp from the grammy era :) now looking young and fresh again! BTW old lamps have the best wiring , lighting and switches. Maybe it's just nostalgia speaking but I love their quality! 🔌💡