Change the way you think about this ironing board!

Alot of houses in Long beach have these old built in ironing boards.

I was kind of annoyed with mine because I wasn't getting any amazing use out of it. Until my husband last night said, "what about a changing table"

So I woke up the next morning and went to work

I had some leftover foam from the crib and a couple of baby blankets to choose from.

I warmed my 3$ pink glue gun from Walmart and started glueing the foam to the board, making sure it could shut.

I added the pink blanket and wrapped it around til it folded over and hot glued in various focal points.

I glued an extra changing pad I had to the middle.

On the door I had clothes pins from when I had a missing sock station which has grown too big for the spot anyhow! I put a receiving blanket for ironing and a baggy just in case for 'trash' also a blanket on top for when Maci falls asleep. Quick Access.

The last piece it's missing is a strap which I will buy asap and add to this post to finish it up! So far I am loving this and the space it saves is unbelievable. And diapers are kept in a diaper bag behind our door.

Ok so one update, I had planned on posting! For Maci's safety a stap! This pink strap was one dollar at 99cent only store.

It's originally a dog collar but I just cut and hot glue gunned em again underneath to the sides!

Happy crafting!



Very clever! I still use my to iron on, but if you aren't, this is a perfect idea. Everything tucks neatly away and is there when you need it.
Hey thanks Seana Turner! @theseanamethod for the comment! 😊 yes I still use it and am grateful for the space I would otherwise have a graco playpen in my LV! And I can iron I just take the gray peice off or peice of fabric could always lay between too 😊 have a nice night! : ) I'll be visiting ur blog soon 😉