Butter me up!

​So i made butter...

By accident today! :-)

it was actually a pleasant experience contrary to my imagination of a little girl on a stool churning a beer bucket for hours.. haha

So i bought a 9$ mixer at Walmart. Mainly cuz it had a whipper, i have never been able to successfully whip cream i have seen done by hand. I wanted a simpler solution.

So today i set out to make donut tiramisu... which calls for whip cream.

so in my turner went whipping cream and powdered sugar. 

Of course Maci wanted a turn and how could i say no! (even tho im sure she resents that i say that on a daily) haha anyways,

I had already made it into whipped cream when i gave it to her so when,

she diligently kept turning while i moved onto other parts of the recipe, she was quite cute and happy ; )

I realized it was clumping! I found a website tell me, add more cream and don't fret!

But of course i couldn't help but be anxious, take over turning and over turn it again haha

So i got cold butter lumps.. and the precursor was when i tasted it and it indeed did taste like heavenly butter..

So after reading up, we fully turned it to butter and the leftover "cream" was buttermilk which went into a jar :)

I'm sure many women have made butter at home :)

My experience was pleasant and not too pricey..

I dont like the butter at the store bc at ralph's they only have one real butter the rest are conola based n such

So for a 5$ large bottle of Whipping cream i get:

Whipped cream - HOMEMADE (who doesn't want homemade)

Real butter - which is usually at least 2$ sometimes more

and buttermilk, not sure what i am going to use it for but i'm sure i will find something!

Any suggestions, comment below -->

 i would be gratefully experimenting!! -->

Thank you! :-)