1st try Diy Smelly Hair Spray

1st try Smelly Hair Spray:

Aloe Juice - 1/4 Cup (6$ Gallon @Walmart)

Filtered Water - 1/4 Cup

2 Lemons juiced (I guess it gives it a sticky nature?)

Witch Hazel - 1 Tsp.

Chocolate Cocoa- 2 TBLS

Essential Oils:

Orange - 4 drops

Lemon - 3 drops

Lime - 1 drop

Rosemary - 10 drops

Tea tree - 3 drops

Lavender - 10 drops

Trial and error review: Good smell, the orange and chocolate might be too strong for some. Next time I will tweak the smell and use a better bottle. This was a dollar store body spray, upgrade to dollar mart perfume bottle for a nicer look and better keep of EO's.



ok so i am retrying the spray .. i love the sticky non stickiness of this . but definitely taking cocoa out and natural lemon replacing with lemon oil... its nice to spray something smelly in the hair that gives it a little extra sheen, tameness and smell each time i brush my hair!