The Moniker

When it came to creating a name for blogging I didn't hesitant to type DittoMode. In fact that is the last thing I struggle with. It just came to me naturally as I wanted to stand out but fit in. To who, well that is only a half truth.

I actually wanted to stand out and seem cool in the fashion sense. At first I was chasing a ghost then I awoken to find my own way.

Which is interesting as I find more people in the blogsphere that have many different ways of expressing these online.

D-I-Y blogs that can created wooden shelves for jewelry to dresses.

Writers that elaborate on the emotional journey each of us have or dare to admit.

Entrepreneurs showing there desires crafted by sheer passion, will and determination.

And open journals, that inspire us to keep our lives organize and encourage us to share and become more exposed. With ourself and others.

Then there are the beauty and fashionable ways of bloggers. Who devote their time into their pieces of garment worn/makeup for any occasions or occupation.

This online world is filled of creative individuals that I am grateful to have came across.

If you stubble up on this this post in hopes to find your own name. Then here are a few tips I can offer.

What is your favorite pass time?

Find your hobby is one thing but devoting time into shaping, express, and crafting it another.

Do you enjoy reading books want to tell others. By giving the advice on what to view or what should be avoided.

If you name is not on this list than don't fret. Just substitute it as your own.

Then why not :


Xena's Open book of life

Beatrice Wonderland's

If lifestyle than:

Endlessly Beatrice

Carmen's Corner

Wunderlist By Amelia


Rosy cheeks by Ava

Dominique with design

Juliana Crushed Eyeshadows


End of the world with cats

Vera beats with life

Brooke Questions everything

Easy going or Strong minded?

Let's say you go in know what niche you decide on. Then change it later on, it is ok to change your subjects in your blog. Or have random sprinkles of different topic than in your niche.

Some people have their name used to make sure they will not become stuck in a category.

*Remember that some of these maybe taken already. If so then alter it in a way that fits with what you want and respect the original creator that holds the name.

Hey babes! If you were staring over again would you change youror Blogging Name Or Alias?

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