The 7 day challenge to improve myself

Hello lovely friend,

How are you all doing on this Sunday Morning ?

Doing my time under the weather I was able to binge watch some movies and then It hit me. If I ever want to truly do something with my life. Then it starts now.

I contemplated about all the ways to improve my time well spent on things that can help further my success. Watching those movies helped me in terms of spending quality time with my Mom and self care. Yet, I have this itch on doing more.

3-  To Set A Daily Intention

I heard recently about setting a daily intention, I guess the is one way to expand my awareness on starting a day off to a good start. Rather than getting up and making my bed.

Do you have some? If not here are some that can get ya going.

It can be something like -

  • Bless others that I met with a smile
  • Give thanks to the current money I have (even the pennies)
  • Give in and flow with the passions and joy inside of me that I can give to others
  • Be in the present of every moment today

By the way, my intention for today -is to give my all and hold no expectations.

It is very easy to attain and remember an intention. By writing it down and carry it with you or creating a simple background in Canva. Then apply it to your own phone background or wallpaper on your laptop.

To be honest, just saying to yourself mentally or just once with clear conviction can be just as effective. This is to give you a peace though out the day, just like any other tool to that makes you feel confident with yourself and in your life.

In Law of attraction, any tool that is given. Is used to get you closer or more secure in that you have your desire.

Whether you take direct action, write an affirmation using the 55x5 method, imagine/visualize, or just simply ask. These and others are suppose to make you feel confident, confident in yourself, that deserve to have your goal, and that you have it.

By the way "Action" can be seen in each of these methods. When you are writing something out, you are taking action. Not just mental but physical too. Taking action is something that is suppose to happen, if not physically then mentally.

I am going to say one more thing about action. Don't be afraid to take it or to work. You work, I work. We all work. Hopeful you love the work you do and the process. The difference is we get caught up in one definition. There are at least 7.

"work/wərk/noun : work; plural noun: works; plural noun: the works

  1. 1. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result."he was tired after a day's work in the fields"synonyms:labor, toil, slog, drudgery, exertion, effort, industry, service; More informal grind, sweat, elbow grease; literary travail "a day's work in the fields"antonyms:leisure, rest
    • a place or premises for industrial activity, typically manufacturing."he found a job in the iron works"
  2. 2. mental or physical activity as a means of earning income; employment."I'm still looking for work"synonyms:employment, a job, a position, a situation, a post; More an occupation, a profession, a career, a vocation, a calling; wage labor; tasks, jobs, duties, assignments, projects; chores "I'm looking for work"antonyms:unemployment, retirement
    • the place where one works."I was returning home from work on a packed subway"
    • the period of time spent during the day engaged in such activity."he was going to the theater after work"
  3. 3. a task or tasks to be undertaken; something a person or thing has to do."they made sure the work was progressing smoothly"
    • the materials for this."she frequently took work home with her"
    • informal cosmetic plastic surgery."between you and me, I think he's had some work done"
    • Theology good or moral deeds."the Clap ham sect was concerned with works rather than with faith"synonyms:deeds, acts, actions "a lifetime spent doing good works"
  4. 4. something done or made."her work hangs in all the main American collections"synonyms:handiwork, doing, act, deed "this is the work of a radical faction"
    • the result of the action of a specified person or thing."the bombing had been the work of a German-based cell"
    • a literary or musical composition or other piece of fine art."a work of fiction"synonyms:composition, piece, creation; More opus, oeuvre "works of literature"
    • all literary or musical pieces by a particular author, composer, or artist, regarded collectively."the works of Schubert fill several feet of shelf space"synonyms:writings, oeuvre, canon, output "the complete works of Shakespeare"
    • a piece of embroidery, sewing, or knitting, typically made using a specified stitch or method.
    • Military defensive structure.
    • an architectural or engineering structure such as a bridge or dam.
    • the record of the successive calculations made in solving a mathematical problem."show your work on a separate sheet of paper"
  5. 5. the operative part of a clock or other machine."she could almost hear the tick of its works"
  6. 6. Physics the exertion of force overcoming resistance or producing molecular change.
  7. 7. informal everything needed, desired, or expected."the heavens put on a show: sheet lightning, hailstones—the works"synonyms:everything, the full treatment; More"

To work is to do, to build, to share and create. If you want to be a billionaire but keep saying an affirmation about how I attain money with out working. This CAN work, I have no doubt but ask yourself this.

Do you hate working?

DO you hate working the 9 to 5 job?

Do you want to work for yourself

Do you want to have a successful company that earn $456 Billion every month?

Do you want to have a job you love that helps you continuously earn $20 billion dollars every week. This is a job you can create for yourself, too. If you believe and know you can earn this or any amount. In any career that you do.

You will have it.

Time is just one thing that is on your side because you see that it is yours already. Again whether you write it down, imagine or use any tool that helps you firmly believe.

I wish for this to inspire you to achieve anything you truly desire with determination that you have achieved it.

2- To Give My All And Hold No Expectations

To give your all and to give away your hopes is terrifying emotion that comes over me but is it freeing. It feels right. I believe that when you and I were young children.

We used to give freely, with our feelings, wanting to have friends, you and I were more open to anyone who wanted to be our friends. We let them with out a doubt or second question on if this person is a really means well.

Now, that we have grown up, observed, maybe even experienced heartbreak with a boyfriend/girlfriend or it just might have been a best friend you had to let go. A little part of you closed up and became more cautious with have someone or anyone get so emotionally close to you again.

Now, that sucks . It really does, I wished you where never hurt in your life, I want to reach out and hug you. I have been there and I won't say for one minute that you should just forgive them and be open to new people. Just in a snap.

No, but when you actually consider opening yourself up to others it will take a little time to get comfortable with doing so.

I would strongly advise that you confide in yourself first. Tell and feel love and forgiveness for yourself. Then eventually when you have a stronger relationship with yourself. When you do decide to open up to people regardless of the them opening themselves back to you or not. You are way more confident and have this solid knowledge of " I still have me. I don't need to worry about others" Type of mindset.

Here are some extra self lovin techniques I that I do to help me :

  • Go for a walk and basking in nature beauty
  • Daily prompts that can start you on a self discovery journey
  • Getting in touch with your religion or spirituality
  • Creating a vision board about where you see your futur
  • Setting a pamper routine for weekend
  • Start a diary. Digital or in a special journal
  • Looking into a mirror or in your minds eye and say "I love my beautifully ( handsomely) divine self." Do it if it feels right, alter the works if they fell wonky, and continue to use the new words or these when they feel good. They feel natural.
  • Cook for yourself and enjoy the process of eating the food. Every bite of it, knowing that a great chef made this dish.
  • Treat yourself to movie night one night a month, this can be Netflix or the movie local theater.
  • Draw out how you feel. You can make spirals on spirals, stick figures, butterflies etc. No one is going to judge you and even if they do. It was intended for you to express your emotions not created for them.
I strike up small conversation with people in stores, on the bus, or even online chats.

1- Meditation

I am more than positive that you have heard of meditation at this point. It a process to steady the mind.

With many, oh so many meditations out there. That can clear your chakras, double your on income with positive affirmations, even guided meditations to clear away worry. There is something for everyone.

By Wikipedia dictionary-Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.Meditation has been practiced since antiquity in numerous religious traditions and beliefs.

With that being said, connecting myself back to source. That is ever flowing inside of me. I have to start again because, feeling crappy, jealous, sad, and tired is never a good way to have a happy, fulfilled day.

Plus is has many health benefits were the list just keep growing and growing.

Theses are but a few. Among the other things that we can an most often accomplish in our day let alone a week. Like spending time at work, publishing a book, writing an essay etc.

Thank you for keeping on by attaining your daily goals, weekly goals and heck even writing them down. This is going to be a great week.





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