So, do you call yourself a blogger

Hello internet owls, early birds, and yes evening birds. It's a weekend so I don't blame anyone for sleeping in. I've done the same thing.

I have been delaying the questions on where I have been. What to share and what not to share. What seems boring or entertaining. Well for starters I am tired of giving excuses for having late uploads.

Not in a bitter way, I just feel like any excuse now is just to much or to little of what I actually mean. What I am trying to say is it sucks. Trying to get out of an emotional low sometimes but it feels amazing when I go through these feelings.

Only to let the bleed out on to empty pages of a notebook. Is a great mental release. To just let go. Of all of the expectations I put on myself and just be. Let's talk about blogging for abit.

Do you disguise yourself when meeting people offline by watering down the title or switching it up. So you won't have to embarsse yourself to others that don't understand the job a writer/blogger has to do.....?

That's a lot to ask but...It just a natural reflex when someone asks me. I can't help but have this tendency to put some other title alone with it. Fashion blogger or Lifestyle blogger. Instead of just a blogger.

Being a Blogger requires many hidden hats and talents that you will eventually develop later on. Some talents are very natural though that comes easy free for you and me.
Like taking to other bloggers and leaving a kind and genuine comment or a like. Not really thinking about getting anything in return for it.

Not realizing that I was in someway networking or marketing with another fellow blogger. I think that most people who do chit chat with others. On here think about the same thing.

Among the other small talents

Is creating content. I say small because when you are starting out writing and writing about something that inspries you so much. That it motivates you to actually share it with the world wide web. Is just one big leap into a new journey.

I didn't think of it as anything much, just playing around with things and having fun by writing. This small act is major though. It ripples and with the subtle intent of reaching 1,000 upon hunders of millions of people. Just with that small step.

Artist by another name

Natural talent of creating cover images for a post. Is one form of getting eyes to view your content. Whether the content is the picture itself. Like many photography blogs on here or the typed out words that create a mental image.

That poets and authors tend to do.
Now always it improving from the last post but all in all it is a work in progress. That I have no choice but to fall in love with.
The progress of stringing words along to make complete sense of the topic I'm trying to write about. The progress of the taking, editing the cover images, finding tags and categories. To place it under.

Only to do it again tommorow, because I've learned by now that if you don't love this. Then it will feel like a waste, a waste to put effort into anything and to have that bitter longing. That you should be doing anything else right now. Is not a good way to continue to be a blogger.
I have to remind myself that this is nothing more than just an empty space/cavas.

Where content is crafted,polished and published. Nothing more nothing less. So simple that you and I can't get it wrong.





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