Resting and Resetting-Gyst

The year is almost over, have your goals been met?



Well mine has and continue to do so but it hasn't been just a straight path to success.
When I fell off track, writing was one of the ways I was pulled out of that funk.

Once I had enough courage within myself I viewed the my goal list again. I order to refocus my attention and it worked out.

That sounds so easy and to be honest it kinda is.

Let me tell you though that resetting and observing is a must in order to  get there.
That is how I get myself together for the following week.

1.What I have right at this moment is what I have attracted. So am I happy and satisfied with what I have?

This is my writing prompt in my journal for every Sunday that comes. Since it is for my eyes only I can barely myself to myself very easily.

That's what I urge you to do.

2. Write a Pros and Cons List

Taking a peice of paper be truthful about the time wasters that dwindle your minutes away though out the day.
It helps you come to terms with what you are doing vs what you want to really accomplish.
Mine was and is YouTube and and thinking to much.

That is so silly but it's true. I had spent so much time consuming videos and thoughts that I barely had time to create, or so I believed.

3.Plan for the week

Google calendar is my poison of choice for planning digitally.
For offline. I use a little pocket calendar that has lines under the days of the week. So, I could fill it in with daily do's.
If you like the idea of being digital then try Trello. It is simple to make list and keep abreast of the ideas you want to conquer.

4. Wind down

By rereading your favorite self development book, reviewing your goals for the next day, or spending a few minutes by visualizing.
Cause a switch in gears for subconscious mind. By priming yourself to succeed tommorow.
Hey all, I feel better now that I realized that by giving. In this case writing I don't have to get anything back.

Just as to give with no expectations. I have fallen in love with the giving process.


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