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Hey babes, thanks for stopping by for this short post on mind maps and bullet journals. I am very new to this so bear with me please.

Let's Dive Right In.

We all have heard about those fancy and beautifully designed Bullet journal but what about mind mapping?

Mind mapping is similar to Bullet Journals, you use colorful ways that will engage your mind. It expresses your creativity and it also ensures that you will comes back and revisit it again. Bj are more on the creative side because you put dedicated and pleasurable time into crafting this. It has more details and doodles than a regular To Do list.

Yet, when it come to mapping out your ideas on a blank canvas,white board, or online it becomes better on you. By getting your thoughts and ideas out. Your mind feels better and can clearly focus on the topics you want to venture in especially if you are a blogger. This can help get the mind jogging with new blog post to post. The main Idea is at the center to make everything clearly laid out around the topic for mind maps.Bullet Journals

Is it better to use Mind Maps or is it better to use a bullet journal?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information did a study on 50 ,second year and third year medical students. It was that by using mind maps, they that they could actual improve the memory by 10%- 15%. If you wish to read more about this fascinating test then here you go.

I put a list together to figure out was is best or what is lacking in both of them as best I could. Just remember that these opinions are of my own and if you have a better way of creating or favor one over the other please let me know.

Bullet Journal


Colorful designs

Creative doodles

Creation of your own pages if you have a blank journal


This is not really a con to me am using a pen the it will be permanent.

Time consuming but it is worth it.

If you forget where it is then you may not complete all the thing that you put in your journal for the month or even the rest of the year. Which is very disappointing.

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Mind Maps


If you create in person then please put it in safe spot that you can look over again and again.

It is easy to create through Canva. You can then go back and add or remove anything you need to.

I does take time because it is a great way to get everything out in front of you.


I don't really see it as a con if you create it on Canva or use a different online program. If you do decided to create it online then it can be easily put as your on background.

Limited wording

The down side to creating it online is that there are not many creative features that can express your doodles and designs that you might want to include on your Mind Maps.

When it all boils down to it, remember the choice is yours


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